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Moving from Mozy ?

Back in March 2018, Carbonite acquired Mozy from DELL for $145m but despite the promises….. “Carbonite is committed to supporting existing Mozy customers and partners. Therefore, Carbonite’s plan is to:  Protect the data of existing Mozy customers and partners Secure the investment that employees, customers and partners have made in Mozy Enhance and expand the … Read more

V7 is here

What’s new? Faster Backup & Restore Office 365 Exchange Online Individual Backup Backup Cloud Services like Drop Box, Amazon S3, Google Drive plus more VM Instant Recovery Enhanced Encryption Bandwidth Control-New & improved interface As version 7 of our Cloud Backup software rolls out across our network, we are happy to announce multiple new and … Read more

Essentiality of Cloud Reseller Services for Businesses

Cloud reselling services are beneficial for organizations. The service includes huge data storage capacity and calculation. A good cloud reselling service will give you data storage and protection on cloud. There is no scope of failure with this and you won’t have to rely on in-house storage anymore. The requirement for a cloud reselling service: … Read more

New Technology Could Secure Future of Online Backup Services

Online Data Backup Services The world is facing a digital crisis brought about by the persistent and exponentially increasing rate at which data is being generated by businesses and individuals alike. Every social media post, every online interaction and every uploaded image needs to be stored somewhere, and eventually it will be impossible for traditional … Read more

Data recovery services: Their importance to small businesses in the UK

Some small businesses solutions are more indispensable than others, but data recovery services are one of the most essential services that a small business can have. What does online backup on the cloud mean? This is a way of setting and storing a backup of data kept on businesses’ servers or PCs offsite on what … Read more

Announcing our new Veeam partnership and capabilities

We are incredibly excited to launch our new product range utilising Veeam Software. Safe Data Storage have always chosen best of breed software, equipment and security for providing our robust backups services, after some intensive testing, it became apparent very quickly that it was the correct choice for providing our new Backup as a Service … Read more