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Seamless and automated cloud backup of your NAS data.

synology backup


Seamless and automated cloud backup of your NAS data.

synology cloud backup

What is Synology NAS Cloud Backup?

Synology NAS storage offers a useful way to add additional capacity quickly and easily – but that data still needs to be backed up. SAFE Backup PLUS provides reliable cloud-based backup and recovery for ultimate peace of mind.

Using a small agent installed on your Synology NAS, changed data is regularly synchronised to our UK-based private cloud. Your data is fully protected against local NAS hardware failure and stored off-site to ensure it is always available, even in the event of a local fire, flood or other disaster.

SAFE Backup PLUS is supplied with a complete suite of backup and recovery tools, allowing you to configure the protection policies that best meet your needs. Point in time restore functionality, flexible retention policies, multi-destination backups and 256-bit encryption all ensure your data is properly protected at all times.

nas cloud backup

Features & Benefits

SAFE Backup PLUS application for Synology NAS devices

SAFE Backup PLUS offers a quick, secure and easy on-premises and cloud backup solution for protecting your Synology NAS device. Data on the NAS can be backed up to on-premises local storage for quick day-to-day restoration, as well as to our private UK cloud storage for disaster recovery.

Multi-destination backup to local and Private UK Cloud destinations

You can back up data from a Synology NAS to multiple destinations including on-premises network share and our UK private, replicated cloud storage sequentially or concurrently to minimise the risk of data loss.

Access SDSL Business Cloud Backup Client through DSM’s web interface

Since the backup client is installed directly on DSM, you can access the client through the DSM web interface to edit backup settings, trigger manual backups, perform file restore and check backup / restore reports.

Direct installation on Synology DSM

The client side backup agent of the SAFE Backup PLUS solution is directly installed on the Synology DSM so that you don’t have to mount the NAS as network share for making the data accessible as required by other backup applications.

In-File Delta acceleration

With In-File Delta speed acceleration technology, only changed blocks are backed up each time. During restoration, these blocks will be combined with previous backups to synthesize a new full backup for quick recovery.

Point in time restore

Our solution allows the Synology NAS user to restore a file from any point in time that it was backed up. The user can even restore multiple versions of a file through a single restore operation if required.

Flexible retention policy to fit any requirments

Our solution allows you to set flexible retention policies, including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly policies to suit your IT audit and compliance requirements for keeping historical data.

Unhackable 256-bit truly randomised encryption key

Before backing data up to our private UK cloud, data security can be ensured by enabling 256-bit encryption so that the backup agent will encrypt the backup data locally before sending securely to our UK Cloud. The 256-bit encryption key is impossible to hack even by brute force attack using a supercomputer.

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Unlimited. No obligation.

Try it for yourself with our free no obligation trial and start protecting your vital machines today.

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Unlimited. No obligation.

Try it for yourself with our free no obligation trial and start protecting your vital machines today.

Why Synology NAS Cloud Backup is Essential for Your Business

In today’s digital age, data is the lifeblood of many businesses. Ensuring the safety and accessibility of your data is paramount. This is where Synology NAS Cloud Backup steps in, filling a crucial gap in your data management strategy.

Reliable Data Protection

Did you know that many companies suffer significant losses, both financially and in terms of reputation, due to data breaches or losses? Even a minor data mishap can cost hours of productivity, lead to loss of client trust, and potentially harm your brand image. With Synology NAS Cloud Backup, you’re placing your data in reliable hands, ensuring its safety and your peace of mind.

A Customised Experience

While some companies offer a one-size-fits-all approach, we understand that every business has its unique needs. Whether you’re a growing start-up or an established enterprise, our suite of tools ensures that your data backup strategy is tailored to fit your requirements. No more settling for less.

Stay Ahead with Our Advanced Technology

Innovation is key. We continuously invest in our technology, ensuring you benefit from the latest advancements in the backup field. Our advanced In-File Delta acceleration ensures efficient backup processes, saving you both time and money.

No More Worries About Compliance

With ever-evolving data protection regulations, staying compliant can be a daunting task. Our flexible retention policies are designed to meet various IT audit and compliance standards. You can focus on your core business operations, leaving the compliance worries to us.

Always Accessible

Data backups are great, but they are of little use if they aren’t accessible when needed. We guarantee quick and efficient data retrieval, ensuring that you can access your data whenever you need it, wherever you are.

User-Friendly Interface

You don’t need to be a tech expert to navigate our interface. Designed keeping in mind the diverse user base, our interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Even if you face any challenges, our support team is always on hand to guide you through.

Secure Your Data Today

We understand that trusting another company with your data is a significant decision. That’s why we emphasise transparency in our processes and robust security measures. With 256-bit encryption, your data is as safe as it gets.

Don’t wait for a data mishap to consider a backup solution. Call us now on 01689 661030 and ensure the safety and accessibility of your data. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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