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Since 2004, Safe Data Storage has been trusted to provide reliable, robust and secure cloud backup services for a vast array of small and medium businesses. From this, we have extended our services to the education and non-profit sectors. Recognizing the vital role that schools and charities play in society, we offer specialized packages and flexible pricing options to support their specific requirements. By leveraging our cloud backup services, educational institutions can protect valuable academic resources, while charitable organizations can safeguard sensitive donor information, fostering trust and operational efficiency. 

As the digital landscape evolves and threats become increasingly sophisticated, Safe Data Storage remains committed to staying ahead of the curve and safeguarding the digital assets of our valued clients. With our unwavering focus on reliability, robustness, and security, we continue to set the standard for cloud backup services, enabling businesses, organizations, schools, and charities to embrace the benefits of the digital age with confidence. 

We offer our services in the following sectors:

Safe Data Storage solutions unleash the power of the cloud to protect your data on premise, in the cloud or on remote sites. 

Our tools are designed to meet the differing needs of students and staff at schools, colleges and universities. 

Our range of data protection solutions ensure there’s always a tool to protect sensitive information without breaking your budget. 

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