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Online backup for a small business

What are the main advantages of online backups for a small business? Extra safe Having an online backup for a small business mitigates the damage that could be caused by fires, floods, computer viruses, theft, etc. These incidents could ruin more traditional devices. If your computer is destroyed in a fire or flood, an online … Read more

Why you need backup for Office 365?

Have you started to consider active backup for Office 365 in order to protect your data? More and more businesses are moving their systems to the cloud. It’s easy to understand the motivations for this – controlling costs is easier and you have the flexibility of being able to access your systems from anywhere there’s … Read more

Moving from Mozy ?

Back in March 2018, Carbonite acquired Mozy from DELL for $145m but despite the promises….. “Carbonite is committed to supporting existing Mozy customers and partners. Therefore, Carbonite’s plan is to:  Protect the data of existing Mozy customers and partners Secure the investment that employees, customers and partners have made in Mozy Enhance and expand the … Read more

Advantages of Cloud to Cloud Backup

The advantages of cloud data storage and cloud applications are increasingly appreciated, even by smaller companies; in fact, smaller companies often reap the greatest advantages because it enables them to pay for software only when they use it and storage space only when they need it. What's more, it relieves businesses of some substantial risks … Read more

How to Choose a Business Backup Solution Provider?

With more and more businesses recognising the benefits of backing up their data to ensure it is safe and complies with current data protection regulations, knowing which provider to choose for this task is becoming increasingly important. Here are some things to think about when you require a business backup solution in the UK. Privacy … Read more

Hack of Disney’s Video Streaming Service Shows Need for Security

Keen to get into the video streaming market and take on incumbents like Netflix and Amazon, Disney launched its own high-profile solution earlier this month. However, a cyber attack which exposed personal details of users has highlighted the need for more stringent security and image backup services for popular platforms like this. Ripe for the … Read more

A Detailed Study of Various Aspects of Cloud Backup | Safe Data Storage Blog

Cloud Backup It stands for a cloud-based, remote server. In cloud storage data are stored in multiple distributed and connected resources and are easily accessible from these resources which together form a cloud. Cloud Backup Solutions Using cloud backup UK, the businesses or individuals are able to store their computer files and data on the Internet … Read more