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A Detailed Study of Various Aspects of Cloud Backup | Safe Data Storage Blog


Cloud Backup

It stands for a cloud-based, remote server. In cloud storage data are stored in multiple distributed and connected resources and are easily accessible from these resources which together form a cloud.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Using cloud backup UK, the businesses or individuals are able to store their computer files and data on the Internet with the help of a storage service provider. This is much better way of storing data on a hard drive or tape backup which stores locally on a physical disk.

The customers are enabled to access service of the provider with a secure client log in application in order to back up files from the data centre or customer’s PC to online storage server by means of an encrypted connection.

Enterprise-Grade Cloud Backup Solutions

For businesses and organisations, enterprise-grade cloud backup is there to include essential features like disaster recovery and archiving. Archiving feature satisfies businesses’ legal needs for data retention and is a part of disaster recovery plan of the company. The cloud-backup offers off-site storage so that the local data of an enterprise remains safe after it faces any disaster like flood, fire, theft or attack.

Ways to restore cloud backup

All data and files are saved automatically on a regular basis to the cloud back-up service. Anytime, whenever any changes take place, the information can be backed up automatically. In order to restore or update a cloud back-up, customers require making use of service provider’s particular client application or web browser interface.

Remote backup

A remote backup stands for a backup service managed online for backing up data to a cloud-based, remote server.

White Labelled Cloud Service

The IT providers can take advantage of white labelled cloud services to offer the benefit of cloud to their clients and for this they do not need to invest in their own infrastructure. As a reseller, you can offer cloud services to your clients to generate monthly recurring revenue. The service ensures loads of benefits, like cloud infrastructure, software licensing and business continuity.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud solutions save your clients from making one-time capital investments. These are secure, scalable solution that can be availed with manageable, smaller monthly recurring charges. As a reseller you can deploy private, public, and hybrid clouds to the clients.

Continuity of Business

The cloud offers a secure storage space to store the data. Each of your clients will be in peace of mind as their data are stored securely. Working as a reseller, you can provide everything, be it the basic backup solutions for smaller clients or enterprise-grade online solutions for larger clients.

Software Licensing

It is possible for you to offer comprehensive end-to-end cloud-based solutions to your clients by licensing through SPLA program of Microsoft.

The cloud services through reseller program from Safe Data Storage will help you build brand awareness by letting you maintain a direct relationship with each of your clients.

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