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Why use cloud backup?

Being able to store data in a cloud is a wonderful thing. Clouds have revolutionised the way we manage files and information, and the benefits of storing work online as opposed to physical copies are too many to mention. However, many cloud users make the mistake of thinking that their data is safe once it … Read more

Understanding the impact of Technology and Data in Education

Our world is changing fast and the way that we absorb, retain and share information is changing at an alarming rate. We expect everything to be available instantly and readily accessible with very little tolerance for delay or missing services.   We now have toddlers and young children using tablets or mobile phones from a … Read more

Understanding the Difference between Offline and Online Data Backup

These days, there area lot of discussions about how online backup helps organisations keep their data safe, secure and well managed. The importance of online data backup has been realised equally by people in the education sector. So, if you are managing the IT department of a school or any other educational institution, the cloud … Read more

Choosing the Best Professional Cloud Backup Plan for Schools

If you are running a business and are constantly worried about the safety of your company’s data, Cloud backup is the solution. It is an integrated storing system that keeps important data absolutely safe from getting lost or misplaced. Even in the various schools these days, the cloud has become an inseparable part of the … Read more