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Understanding the Difference between Offline and Online Data Backup


These days, there area lot of discussions about how online backup helps organisations keep their data safe, secure and well managed. The importance of online data backup has been realised equally by people in the education sector. So, if you are managing the IT department of a school or any other educational institution, the cloud solution is the only way you can get rid of all anxieties of losing your data. Because as long as it is stored offline, there will always be chances that it falls victim to so many threats. However, in order to make the best use of cloud backup in theUK, you need to understand the concept. Several apprehensions revolve around the costs of getting cloud solutions and so on. So, here is a detailed differentiation between offline data backup and online data backup processes.

Let’s begin with the security aspect of the data. One of the main reasons behind opting for cloud data backup is enhanced security. When your data is stored offline in files and desktops, it is prone to a number of disasters. Theft or a natural calamity can lead to the permanent loss of the data. On the contrary, when everything is saved on the cloud, there is absolutely no chance of the data getting affected by such incidents. Also, a very strong and trusted encryption method is followed by cloud service providers to let users stay absolutely assured of improved security of the data.

Offline storage of data makes the data less accessible to the users. Whenever you need to access the data, you need to be present at the office and be in front of the device in which the data is stored. On occasions, when you are not carrying your laptop and still need to view a file, there is no possible way in which you can get the desired access. Cloud data storage, on the other hand, facilitates anytime, anywhere access. A simple internet connection and a Smartphone is all you need to continue your work no matter where you are. This is a great advantage for the present-day work conditions as they often require such urgent actions.

Among the most prevalent misconceptions about the cloud technology as a whole, the biggest is the cost. There is no denying that cloud services require you to spend a considerable amount but that amount is certainly not higher than what is spent on offline data storage. Maintaining an offline IT infrastructure is expensive, coupled with the need to expand the infrastructure as and when necessary. Cloud investment is a one-time investment. Once you have subscribed to the service, the scalable nature of the service allows you to increase or decrease the storage space per your specific requirements. You cannot expect such level of flexibility in offline data backup systems.

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