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The Importance of Cloud Data Backup & Storage

Why Do You Need Cloud Data Backup & Storage?

Cloud data storage is becoming more popular in all professional environments. As a nation, and in-fact a country we are producing more digital data than ever before. With this unparalleled growth it is unsustainable to continue to store data in tangible objects.

Many businesses, charities and educational institutions now utilise secure offsite data storage, becoming more efficient in the process. With an increased market shift to “the cloud”, there is a new wave of concern surrounding the security of data online. Online data security is even more relevant following the recent activation of the GDPR regulations. Find out more about GDPR and Cloud Data Storage.

UK-based Cloud Backup

You can sleep soundly at night, knowing your data is stored securely on our own servers. We own all our servers meaning your files, photos and data are not shared with any third parties or other businesses. Storage is split across our two data-centres located in London and also Bournemouth where your data is replicated and stored separately. Services are available for Single User Backup or Business Backup depending on the nature of your requirements.

Encrypted Data Storage

To increase the level of protection you receive, all stored data on servers is encrypted as standard. Data you backup with Safe Data Storage remains only yours and can only be accessed by you.

From the point of initial collection at your PC terminal or other device, data is covered by an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Following this, any connection between you and the server to access files and data is covered using a SSL 129-bit channel.

What this really means is that your data, what ever this may be, is converted into a randomised selection of numbers, letters and symbols. Without access to an encryption key, to unlock the data it remains useless and unreadable.

Backup & Restore

One of the most important features of cloud data storage and data recovery software is knowing you can avoid disastrous data loss. Across our servers files are stored in multiple isolated locations for prevention from complete data loss. Regardless of your industry or skill, no longer having the ability to access customer, sales and other forms of data could have a hugely detrimental impact on the service you are able to offer. Additionally, subsequent data loss from unsecured storage could pose significant ramifications under GDPR regulations.

It can be incredibly easy to delete the wrong file or press something you shouldn’t have. With fully backed up data you need not worry, your files can simply be restored within minutes – even for the less tech savvy among us. No loss, no wasted work, just peace of mind your data is in safe hands.

If you would like to receive more information about being able to backup on cloud systems and restore your commercial and sensitive data, or simply want to know the best service for your needs, get in touch with a member of our team.

Safe Data Storage GDPR

What the Facebook data breach tells us about the public’s attitudes to data security

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In January we consulted our crystal ball and predicted that data – in particular the public’s data privacy, and large-scale breaches of it – would be headline news in 2018. What we didn’t expect was to be proved right so soon by the massive Facebook data breach exposé that has dominated the headlines this month. Feel free to ask us for this week’s lottery numbers…

Facebook users across the world are still reeling from reports that 50 million Facebook profiles were harvested by Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based data analytics company, in an enormous data breach for use in political campaigns including Donald Trump’s presidential bid and Brexit.

Facebook users’ ‘likes’ and other information on their profiles was used to target them with political propaganda encouraging them to vote for the candidates Cambridge Analytica was working with.

The effect of the news of the breach has been to make consumers more aware of their data and how it is being used. Cambridge Analytica’s data acquisition can be traced back to Facebook quizzes in the early years of this decade where users blithely granted access to their and their friends’ data in order to take part in quizzes.

Already, as a result of this story breaking, it’s hard to imagine Facebook users casually signing over their data to third parties en masse any longer without knowing how it will be used. Indeed, many users have left the platform altogether out of concerns about the security of their data.

For businesses who handle sensitive data about their customers or users, there is a clear lesson to be learnt from this: consumers are growing increasingly aware and passionate about their online privacy and how their data is used.

It seems clear that data security will become an increasingly important factor to consumers when they are choosing between services and products.

Of course, the Facebook breach has happened against the backdrop of GDPR’s introduction, which has been worrying businesses by itself. Organisations are required to be GDPR-compliant by the fast-approaching deadline of 25 May. Read more on GDPR on our blog.

GDPR gives individuals more access to, and rights over, their data and how it is used. It will force businesses to reassess what data they collect on employees and customers and the collection of all of this information is strictly necessary.

In addition, individuals have the ‘right to be forgotten’ if they object to some of the data being collected about them.

This is clearly a landmark moment for the data industry, with consumers awakening to the importance of keeping their data secure and organisations increasingly being held to account about their data practices.

Safe Data Storage provide secure cloud backup services for businesses, education providers and charities, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe.

For more information, get in touch.

Secure data storage

Is your business’ data safe? Research suggests it’s probably not…

New research carried out in the U.S. has revealed that the majority of businesses who store credit card data using cloud storage are not doing so securely.

Information Management reported today that research by the company reviews aggregator Clutch found that over 60% of small businesses that use cloud storage for customer credit card and banking information were not storing this data securely.

Clutch’s research polled the IT decision-makers at 300 small businesses in the U.S. who currently use cloud storage.

In addition, the results showed that 54% of companies that store medical data do not do so securely.

By not storing this data securely, the businesses are breaching industry regulations on data storage.

In the U.S., this can lead to fines of millions of dollars and of course huge damage to a company’s reputation.

Secure data storage

Keeping your customers’ data secure is crucial for any business

However, just as important – in the U.S. and everywhere else – is the need to protect customers’ sensitive financial information.

Being unable to reassure customers that their credit card and other personal information will be safe may lead to a downturn in business as customers will not feel confident giving you their data.

More than simply comprising customers’ privacy, having this kind of data unsecured leaves them at financial risk through the danger of fraud.

In the UK, with the new General Data Protection Regulation incoming, the need to ensure your cloud storage is secure and follows industry guidelines is also more important than ever.

Data breaches of unsecured cloud storage have featured heavily in the news recently. Just yesterday it was revealed that data on 123 million households in the U.S. was leaked due to a breach of an Amazon Web Services storage bucket used by a marketing company.

According to the security researcher who discovered the breach, the data included 248 fields of information for each household, meaning that “billions of personally identifying details and data points about virtually every American household” were made visible.

Safe Data Storage provide secure, fully-managed cloud backup services with extensive technical support. Data is encrypted and stored in two data centres, both based in the UK.

Contact us today to find out how we can keep your data safe.


Safe Data Storage best online backup

Safe Data Storage ranked among best cloud backups

Here at Safe Data Storage we are delighted to have been ranked as one of the best cloud storage providers in the UK for 2017 by a recent guide on a leading industry website.

Cloudwards released their ‘Best Online Backup UK Services for 2017′ guide earlier this month, and we are very proud to have been included in their top five recommendations for cloud backup services providers in the country.

The guide aims to inform readers about the best cloud storage options on the market in order to help them choose a service provider that best meets their needs.

Among the parts of our cloud backup services that Cloudwards praised were the fact that we offer a free trial, with no credit card details required, the speed with which information can be recovered, and how our backup software allows you to set what time is best for you for backups to occur.

They were also impressed with our excellent security protocols which allow us to provide secure data storage and put our customers’ minds at rest, and the fact that our software means backups can happen when your computer is not being actively used.

In addition, Cloudwards’ reviewers liked that our software can be used to provide secure data protection both for individual computers and full server systems.

We pride ourselves on offering the best cloud storage around, so it’s great to hear amazing reviews confirming this. Get in touch today to see how our online cloud backup can help your business protect its data, or take our free trial to experience our high-quality service for yourself.

Headquartered in Orpington, Greater London, Safe Data Storage have been providing secure cloud backups for businesses, educational institutions and charities since 2004. We have ISO 27001-accredited servers in London and Bournemouth and provide extensive, entirely UK-based technical support. 

6 Factors to Help You Choose the Right Cloud Partner in the UK


Branding is immensely important in building, sustaining and growing a business, so having to share the spotlight with another firm is not ideal. When working with a Partner, you will want to be able to put your own personal stamp on any of the products and platforms that you ultimately offer to your client base.

Ideally, you will want access to white-labelled services which are not explicitly tied to the provider but can instead be fully customised and kitted out with whatever branding you feel is appropriate. This will allow you to use your firm’s logo on the sign-up and log-in screens, reinforcing its impact every time that clients visit.

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Online Data Storage – Things to Know!

We all know that data is an important asset for all companies and business houses. The protection of data is therefore, one of the main concerns for all the enterprises. A single data lost can lead to heavy damage to the company which is absolutely undesirable. Previously, we used to store all essential documents in external hard discs which carried the risk of getting misplaced or lost. So, what’s the best way to store and safeguard data? Have you heard of online data storage? Well, online data storage has shaped the lives of companies and business houses for the better. Do you know what online data storage is? It’s the storage of all the vital documents on the cloud, or in other words, the internet. With the online data storage facility, you can enjoy security, accessibility and the sharing of all important data in your corporation. Nowadays, all business houses, irrespective of their size, are depending heavily on this latest invention.

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Things to Consider before Subscribing to Secure Online Storage Services

The internet has taken our lives by storm. You can now make video calls to your distant friends who are sitting in some other part of the world in the most convenient way. You can actually keep a tab on the lives of your loved ones who are away from you. Yes, that’s the power of the internet. It has made the impossible, possible. I’m sure none of us could have imagined such technological advances.

Well, as days will pass more technological advancements will develop and shape our lives fora better future. Nowadays, we are heavily dependent on the internet for every aspect of our lives. From shopping to ordering food to making video calls, anything is possible with the help of the internet. When the internet has made everything so convenient then, how can online storage services lag behind? Okay, so, do you know what online storage is? If not, not to worry…

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Top Three Threats Your Business Can Face Without Cloud Backup

Today, most businesses exist on the web. Communication, sales or banking, everything is happening online simultaneously. Not only the e-commerce businesses but even the simplest of companies exist on the internet at some point or the other. They make use of online appointment making or online booking of services, and hence, if you do not take proper care of your online information, you might be at a great risk from hackers who can easily ruin your business.

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File Security and Portability with Online Cloud Storage

Modern era of technology and information has indeed made our ways of working comfortable and more importantly convenient. Today it is not more about the ease with which we work but working has become a lot simpler and as per our convenience. With so much development coming up in the field of technology, the need to keep important data safe and secure is a lot more important today.

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secure online storage

Secure Online Storages Helps Business Perform Better

Cloud technology has catapulted the virtual world in several profound ways. The ability to offer instant access to a huge pool of resources is indeed commendable allowing people to work smoothly and easily. Cloud computing allows users to attain the objectives that they thought were extremely complicated to pursue. Cloud storage service providers offer to host packages those are in sync with the business needs of a company. The scope that Cloud provides to professionals implies the best use of avant-garde technology.

Most entrepreneurs running a company face similar questions of staff management, ways of limiting business expenses and solutions that should be opted to streamline business processes. The answer to all these problems is the Cloud. Cloud is considered to be the go-to solution because it helps

a) companies improve their overall efficiency
b) enhance the flow of communication
c) frame strong and effective business strategies.

So make sure you have the Cloud to enhance the overall workflow of your company. Secure online storage also helps your office in several other ways.

Create Great Office Ambience on the Move – Cloud storage is the best platform that you can give your office allowing professionals easy access to information and data. All you need to do is log in with your confidential passwords and have Internet access. With the help of Cloud, you can work smoothly even from your home or while you are on the move. So irrespective of your geographical position you can create a great ambience in your business.

Unlimited Storage Space – One of the greatest perks of using the Cloud is the ability to enjoy unlimited storage space. Unlimited storage space is extremely important for a business house because the space requirement will be on the rise. This rise takes place with the expansion that your business is experiencing. It is indeed a revelation that there will be no disruption in terms of space crunch.

Information and File Safety – Now that you have a secure online storage solution, you can mitigate apprehensions you have been experiencing about file tampering or missing them. Cloud storage options guarantee complete client-side encryption implying that you will get full control over the encryption process. Your files and data stay stored in the server and that is how it remains when kept in the Cloud.

So make sure you add the Cloud in your professional work front and give your professionals the ease and convenience of hassle-free and smooth working.