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Cloud data storage – why isn’t everyone on board yet?

Cloud solutions could help organisations in a competitive market deliver new services to customers at no extra cost, and more firms are becoming comfortable with the idea of using cloud-based storage. However, there are still plenty of businesses reluctant to adopt cloud technologies.Storage demands The cloud is the obvious solution to all of the requirements … Read more

Tools to Keep Business Data Safe on the Cloud

The popularity of cloud based services has been on the rise for a very long time. Thanks to the increase of smartphones, cloud based services are now easily accessible on your mobile as well. Going by the latest trend, business data seems to be migrating from cloud to cloud. All this has been possible with … Read more

Why Do You Need Cloud Data Backup

Cloud data backup has become a more vital part of life in recent years. For personal and commercial use we are now using digital devices to communicate and work on files more than ever before. With potentially sensitive information being downloaded and transferred between devices it is increasingly important to secure your self and your … Read more

Reasons to Know the Importance of Using Cloud Data Storage

Save your business by ensuring that you have a strong backupfor the data that if lost, will make your business grind to a halt. Having a strong backup plan is important because in case your office system crashes, retrieving important information becomes difficult. That’s not all, in the process of data retrieval, the flow of … Read more