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Tools to Keep Business Data Safe on the Cloud


The popularity of cloud based services has been on the rise for a very long time. Thanks to the increase of smartphones, cloud based services are now easily accessible on your mobile as well. Going by the latest trend, business data seems to be migrating from cloud to cloud. All this has been possible with the help of strong, unique passwords and tight security systems. The hassle free data transfer is a blessing for businesses because this enhances the functionalities professionals can enjoy at work.

Data storage companies are focused on creating cloud based tools and services that enhance the functionalities and business. Cloud based services that these companies design are crafted to make sure that data can be kept safe here away from the prying eyes of hackers. Let us take a quick look at the tools that people use to keep business data safely on the cloud.


Bitglass provides transparent data protection of your confidential business information. The sole focus of Bitglass is to reduce the risk involved with losing data and at the same time maintain visibility of your data while you are at work. Bitglass is currently in beta and provides its services both on desktop as well as on mobile devices.

Skyhigh Networks

Skyhigh Networks have been designed to analyze, discover and keep data secure. Logs are used from the already existing proxies, firewalls and gateways to help users know the cloud apps that employees are using currently. This helps you to stay aware of the apps or the cloud based software that is being used, in turn helping you to stay alert and prepared for any kind of risk. With this, software risk management is one thing that you can enjoy with the help of this software. It has a 3 click security system using the reverse proxy technology which grants contextual access along with consistent policies across clouds. This software can implement data loss protection as well as keep the data encrypted.


Netskope helps in discovering as well as monitoring the cloud apps. It monitors users, shares the downloaded content as well as sessions to analyse the data. Data analysis asks several security related questions that helps you to identifyany weaknesses. The analytics of Netskope constructs an audit trail of the entire event to keep security problems at bay.


It is cloud security software that allows data encryption of your business. The sole focus of CipherCloud is to make sure that the data is kept secure when it is kept in the cloud. Data encryption in this case takes place while the data is getting uploaded. In a similar process, while the data is getting downloaded the decryption takes place. However the encryption security keywords stay within the business network. This implies unauthorised users will have no access to the data and cannot recover the text.

These services are designed with the sole attempt to handle confidential business data and keep it within high security. So make sure you are availing the options to your advantage and most importantly for the advantage of your business.

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