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Why Small Businesses Need Cloud Backup Solutions?


There are lots of reasons why every small business owner should prioritise the use of cloud backup solutions to ensure their data is safe and secure.

As a small business owner, you will probably have many tasks vying for your attention. While data backup to the cloud might not be high on your agenda, it is probably one of the most crucial decisions you should make at the start of your business.

Why data security matters?

Surveys have found that almost half of small businesses in the UK do not have any robustly regulated security plans in place for their data, which puts them at risk of losing it in cases of theft, fraud or natural disaster. In light of the new regulations regarding data protection, all businesses now need to comply with ensuring their data is safe and secure.

Small businesses are vulnerable at the best of times with their limited budgets and resources. Many young enterprises fold in the first year of trading, so it makes sense that small businesses should do everything within their power to prevent this from happening. If data loss does occur, it is estimated that businesses spend around three per cent of their revenue attempting to deal with it, which can be fatal for many small companies.

Thinking about cloud backup solutions for small business operations should therefore be the priority for every owner.

Mobile devices

Many small businesses do not have the resources to have large in-house teams or even an IT department. The owner often manages most of the operations, with any staff perhaps working remotely or on the move. Many small businesses frequently use their mobile devices for storing company data, with almost one in four members of staff using at least one of their personal mobile devices to store business information.

Managing this is not easy. Staff might not have adequate or up-to-date security software in place on their mobile devices, or the devices could easily get lost, damaged or accessed by other people. For this reason, it is essential that small businesses that use mobile devices for their work backup their data in the cloud.

When you choose cloud backup solutions for small business services, having it backed up in the cloud can be a godsend if any data on a mobile device is lost, stolen or deleted. A service provider can also remotely delete the data on the device so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. In some cases, the device can even be tracked.

Using a mobile device can be advantageous for a small business owner. Where staff work remotely using such devices, having data stored and backed up in the cloud allows for synchronisation. This enables staff to access the most current version of the data.

No matter how small your business, it makes sense to use safe and secure cloud backup solutions for peace of mind if you handle any kind of data and to safeguard the survival and reputation of your business.

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