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Why Do You Need Cloud Data Backup


Cloud data backup has become a more vital part of life in recent years. For personal and commercial use we are now using digital devices to communicate and work on files more than ever before.

With potentially sensitive information being downloaded and transferred between devices it is increasingly important to secure your self and your business against a number of threats. We have listed a handy guide on the ways Cloud Data Backup can help secure your files.

How does Cloud Data Backup Help?

Increased Data Security

Having your files and data backed up on an external server with us allows you the peace of mind your data is secure.

At Safe Data Storage we are proud to be accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 ratings. ISO 9001 is an international standard evidencing the quality management systems in place, consistently providing products of the highest quality. Learn more about the security we offer.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

When the worst happens, we have your back. Disaster recovery can hit any business at any time, no one is immune from its consequences. Whether it be an environmental disaster such as flooding, fire damage or even theft and misplacement of a laptop, with Cloud Data Backup your valuable files are not lost.

We often hear of companies close to closure because they have lost years of data stored where they thought it was safe. Our business backup solutions could save your business if disaster ever descends.

Scale to Your Needs

Over time we expect your business to grow. Internally hosted storage can be expensive to upgrade and grow. For fractions of the cost, you can upgrade your cloud data storage and backup all of your files in an easy and time efficient manner.

Access On The Go

Away on business, working from home or travelling to meetings, it doesn’t matter where you need to access your data, you can. Having a remote cloud storage system allows you to easily access any of the files you have stored with us.

If you have any queries on Cloud Data Backup for Business take a look at our frequently asked questions or contact a member of our Customer Support Team who will gladly answer your questions.

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