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How to Choose a Business Backup Solution Provider?


With more and more businesses recognising the benefits of backing up their data to ensure it is safe and complies with current data protection regulations, knowing which provider to choose for this task is becoming increasingly important. Here are some things to think about when you require a business backup solution in the UK.

Privacy and Security

When choosing a business backup solution in the UK, most people will be looking for a provider that offers robust privacy and security, so that their data is safe at all times. Not all solutions are created equally when it comes to privacy and security, so you need to ask all the right questions related to this. Look for providers who offer a two-step verification process when you login, to give that extra layer of security in case someone tries to access your data. Find out whether a provider offers a secure encryption process, and if your data is compromised by an unauthorised user, can you disable the login to prevent access to your data?

Backup Frequency

Backing up your data keeps it safe and secure, not just from theft but also in situations where you might lose data through fire, system malfunction or human error. In the event that a disaster recovery is required, businesses will want to have the confidence that the provider they use has the most up-to-date information backed up so nothing is lost. Surprisingly, this can vary when choosing a business backup solution in the UK, so make sure that you find a provider that offers automatic backup, preferably where you can customise it to suit your own requirements.


It is important that you can access your backed up data when you need it, so choose a provider that offers high levels of accessibility. Inevitably, there is bound to be some downtime that providers need for essential maintenance to their services, but this should be kept to a minimum. Find out what level of downtime you can expect from a provider before you make any decisions.


There are variations in what you can expect to pay when choosing a backup solution provider, so give careful attention to this aspect. While you might not get the best services, quality and security if you opt for the very cheapest provider, by the same token, it might not be a cost-effective decision choosing the most expensive supplier if this is surplus to your needs. Think about what you want from a backup provider according to your business requirements, taking into consideration any changes to growth that may occur in the future. When choosing a provider, some offer unlimited storage options while others set prices according to gigabytes of storage. Work out which is better for you.

By spending time weighing up your options, this increases your chances of choosing the most appropriate business backup solution provider for you.

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