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Announcing our new Veeam partnership and capabilities


We are incredibly excited to launch our new product range utilising Veeam Software. Safe Data Storage have always chosen best of breed software, equipment and security for providing our robust backups services, after some intensive testing, it became apparent very quickly that it was the correct choice for providing our new Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) services.

Based on our findings we have invested heavily into our infrastructure and have trained up 4 key support staff all to become VMCE and one VMCE+A with another to follow shortly.

Veeam has always been the market leader when it comes to locally backing up virtual machines but more recently has expanded the portfolio with Veeam Cloud Connect for Service Providers, enabling organisations to choose from a list of trained, technical service providers to send thier on site backups too.

The offerring is broken into two core elements:

  1. Veeam Copy Jobs – for off site copies of data
  2. Veeam Replication – for off site replication and DR Services

Safe Data Storage are pleased to offer both of these services to our direct clients and to our extensive reseller network through our white labelled offerring. In addition, this service is run wholly on our own UK Infrastructure and supported by our fantastic UK based support team.

Veeam Cloud Connect – Copy Job

A Veeam Copy Job is what you’d expect, it is a copy of your local backup job that you make an additional copy of in our cloud for safe keeping. You can choose the number of copies that you hold with us independently from the configuration of your local backup tasks.  Setting this up is very simple and once you have an account with us, it’s completed within the Veeam software by adding us as a Service Provider and then creating the task to copy the data. You send the initial seed and then incrementals. If you were to have a site outage, you can download the data from us to a location of your choice and rebuild the server or restore the data. You can perform the restoration of files, folders, application items like SQL / Exchange databases, single items from Exchange and AD elements or restore entire VMs just by running through a wizard direct from our file copy.

Veeam Cloud Connect – Replication

A Veeam Replication Job is set up in a similar way to the Copy Job where you confgure us as a Service Provider. The difference with a Replication task is that it keeps a live replica of your Virtual Machine on our infrastructure based on the rules that you configure. As part of that service, we ensure that we have the ability to boot your machine in our UK Cloud when needed, it also then creates a secure tunnel back to your network and then presents itself on the local LAN. You can continue to run like this using our service free of charge for 5 days (max 3 machines FOC). Should give you the time needed to rebuild or reapir your local machine and then you can failback when ready.

We are currently building pricing calculators for all direct sectors and for our reseller network.

If you would like any more information, please raise ticket, start a chat with the technical team or email hello@safedatastorage.co.uk



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