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Data recovery services: Their importance to small businesses in the UK

Data recovery services.

Some small businesses solutions are more indispensable than others, but data recovery services are one of the most essential services that a small business can have.

What does online backup on the cloud mean?

This is a way of setting and storing a backup of data kept on businesses’ servers or PCs offsite on what is referred to as an online or cloud-based system. The software can be installed onto the company’s servers and/or on individual users’ PCs, and it uses an internet connection to remote servers to transfer the data chosen to be backed up. These files will also have a further copy in another different location to provide an additional level of backup. The whole process is safe, encrypted and password protected. Only those who have the relevant authorisation can gain access to this material. The offsite backup system can easily be installed on all computers, and the software is compatible with all file types and major operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

Images and videos can also be duplicated, providing a business owner with a full disaster recovery solution should their data become inaccessible locally. It gives protection against deletion, loss or corruption and enables the recovery of all the files and data within a very short period of time. With one account, it is possible to personalise how and when a business wants their data to be backed up. It is fast and security-protected at the highest level, with the opportunity to create multiple settings, personalise the backup options, select the files necessary to copy, and choose when and how to restore them. Everything can be modified when needed and all communication goes by e-mail between the client and the service provider.

Why do small businesses need cloud backup for recovering data?

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) may not be fully aware of the risks of data loss and the benefits provided by an effective backup and recovery solution. Research shows that the loss or damage of data for small businesses is growing at a rapid pace, and the situation is only likely to get worse as more activities rely on technology. A small business may not have the financial resources to start afresh once data is lost or damaged or if they happen to be on the receiving end of a cyber-attack.

It is imperative to have a backup and recovery plan in place. In addition, it can be useful to employ one of the older and less reliable traditional onsite methods, such as putting the key information onto an external hard drive, tape or a USB device as a backup aswell as on the cloud. The hard drive or tape can still be damaged, lost or stolen, and a staff member always has to look after it, and one has to remember to actually initiate the process to save the data! Using the online version of data backup removes many of these risks and allows everything to be handled without human interference or interaction once it has been set up. It is very easy to use these services and this can be undertaken even by someone who does not have a high level of technical knowledge.

Here are some of the reasons to use data protection services:

  • It gives protection against natural disasters.
  • It defends against computer corruption.
  • It keeps the data in a safe place without the risk of unwanted people seeing it.
  • There is less chance for human error once the service is automated.
  • It enables you to restore your files and bring your business up and running within a short period of time if the system crashes, minimising the impact of lost data on your business.
  • You can avoid hurting your company’s reputation as a result of losing client data.
  • Every business, no matter how large or small, should have an effective working backup recovery strategy in place and one that is reviewed on at least an annual basis.

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