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Safe data storage for educational institutions

"The dog ate it" may still work for students, but never for their schools and colleges. Educational data safety is critical for complying with the law, for the running of the institution, and for the future of its students. It is a heavy burden for education because staff and students need constant access and the … Read more

Backing Up Your G Suite Data

If they haven’t done so already, most organisations are looking at moving applications to the cloud. This has many advantages in terms of flexibility and cost. Google has become one of the big players in the cloud market thanks to its G Suite of office applications. G Suite offers cloud access to email, storage, and … Read more

Secure Your Business with Right Backup Software

Why do so many small businesses trust us with their data? Safe Data Storage provides secure offsite backups for 5000 SME-owned devices every day. Almost every small business holds data about customers, employees, and products. What would your business do if all of that critical information was suddenly gone? How would your employees do their … Read more

Three Main Types of Schedule Backup Software

Full Backup This is a complete copy of your organisation's data and files in a single version. The advantages of this option are that it gives you the chance to restore your entire data assets if needed, there is simple access to the most recent version of your backup, all backups are in one simple … Read more

What is C2C backup?

When you run an application in the cloud or store data there, you might think that it is protected; however, this is only true to a certain extent. While cloud providers will have some measures in place to safeguard your data, these may be fairly basic and not sophisticated enough to get back an individual … Read more

Changes to Microsoft Authentication for Exchange Online C2C Backups

Microsoft will be deprecating Basic Authentication for Exchange Online prior to completely removing the authentication method on October 13, 2020. Basic Authentication passes username and password with every request, which is not as secure as Modern Authentication based on OAuth 2.0. This is a token-based authorization process that eliminates the use of usernames and passwords. … Read more

Announcing our new Veeam partnership and capabilities

We are incredibly excited to launch our new product range utilising Veeam Software. Safe Data Storage have always chosen best of breed software, equipment and security for providing our robust backups services, after some intensive testing, it became apparent very quickly that it was the correct choice for providing our new Backup as a Service … Read more

Advantages of Cloud Backup For Business

Benefits of Cloud Backup For Business There are numerous advantages to having cloud storage in a business over more traditional methods. We see no reason why you shouldn’t migrate towards the cloud and here are our top reasons to make the move. Access Anywhere With cloud data storage your data and files are remotely backed … Read more