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When Good Clouds Go Bad


Western Digitals new cloud backup service failed it’s users for nearly a week due to technical problems with their own private cloud.  The outage affected WD newly launched NAS backup service “My Cloud” which gives external storage for their NAS products.

Starting on March 26, 2014 the server that WD used to support these services went down until midnight on April 2, 2014.  Many customers experienced problems with their cloud backups and remote access.  This was especially an issue for users whose router was set up in relay mode rather than with port forwarding enabled

Any electrical item can fail, which will causes downtime whoever you are.  Amazon Cloud Service failed in 2012 taking their cloud services down for several hours, and again in 2013, another large failure took them offline, but this time they were able to get the service back up and running in 49 minutes.

We are far from perfect; we have had downtime too, but thanks to replicated data and servers in a second data centre, we can boast 99% up time in our 10 years of offering Cloud backup solutions.

So no cloud service will ever give 100% uptime, but the key thing here is how they recover from outage, something WD have to admit, they failed on this occasion

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