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Why Partnership With Cloud Reseller is Beneficial?


Consumerism seems to be groping the world with all its strength, so much so that you can hardly ignore it. Keeping this factor in mind, one thing gets very clear and that is business houses are expanding and it will continue to do so. Hence, the need for cloud computing will also be on the rise and the countdown for that has already begun. As far as the traditional cloud resellers are concerned, they have two choices but if they do not opt for any of it, then the chances are high that they might end up losing their business. The two choices are either partner with MSPs so that you can help in expanding their services or create a cloud network. Out of these two choices, partnering with re-sellers proves to be a lot more beneficial. What are they? Let’s find out:

Efficient Operations

The best thing about MSPs is the fact that when it comes to the IT operations they offer the lowest possible TCO. As experts in cloud computing, the MSP will have their full focus on the premium skill for the business of any cloud based applications. Along with all this, the focus will be also on enhanced application of functional support, data analytics and integration.

Skilled Cloud Deployments

The basic job of MSPs is to deal with extremely complex application deployments that have the functionality to run in various cloud environments across several geographies. MSPs have the ability to foresee the complexities of what clicks and what does not. Clients should not underestimate the advantages to leverage the knowledge base, because that is the information an MSP has gathered with their years of experience.


It is very clear to professional MSPs that it is not possible for one size to fit into all cloud deployments. The primary reason for that being, certain level of customization and service integration is required. It might interest you that MSPs are thorough professionals at mass customization and are expected to customise all the components of deployment. Along with this, they offer comprehensive range of professional services in order to support the same.

Single Point of Contact

MSPs are considered to be the single point of contact so that all the complexes associated with business flows smoothly irrespective of the kind of services that is being used. The needful support is delivered by the global support team that is equipped to support and serve your business needs.

Simplified Billing Process

Cloud resellers for years have been using the similar recurring business model. The reason being, they understand the benefits and the predictability of clients.

Hopefully, the picture is quite clear for all the major business houses as to why partnership with a cloud reseller proves to be beneficial.

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