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Online Backup – Is It A Secure Storage Solution for Your Valuable Data?


Data loss is prime concern for the business houses; as huge number of data needs to dealt and without any backup protection there is every possibility that these data can be lost anytime due to any reasons, be it natural disaster or hacking or something else. Secure online backup can minimise the possibility of data loss. Now, you must be thinking of those conventional backup systems like DVD, CD and floppy, but these can store only a small amount of data. When you need to store huge amount of data, the right option will definitely be the online backup option.

The online backup solution has come up as a convenient, reliable and secure solution and it is affordable too. We offer you the Cloud Backup solution which is a fully automated service. It lets you choose all vital business data stored on your PCs or servers and get them uploaded via internet to secure servers at a location remote from your business premises. As a client you can choose your most convenient time to get the job done. The Cloud Back up service is a reliable and cost-effective alternative than other options.

Being hardware independent, there is no obsolescence. Moreover, there is no back-up media to be relied upon. If you use backup tapes, they become damaged during use and transmission and need to be renewed every six months. Cloud backup can be performed 365 days per year. The data stored is password protected and fully encrypted. The online secure storage backup ensures that the privacy of your document is maintained.

When there is an actual data disaster, online backup will ensure that your all data files are stored safely and available when you need them. Such backup solution will keep you relaxed as you will be free from the tension of getting your data affected by fire damage, virus or system crash. These days, for most of the SMEs, online data backup is a widely accepted backup solution and the major reason behind this is it is much more secure than the traditional methods. An in-house tape based solution cannot ensure a secure backup solution as the data can get lost in many ways. Moreover, a tape or USB drive can be stolen or lost or a tape may be faulty. The online backup solution, on the other hand, ensures a safe and secure solution as it requires no human intervention. There is no scope for manual data transfer; therefore, there is no chance that it can go missing.

The data sent to the servers is encrypted and password protected. Therefore, as you choose online backup as your data backup solution, you can be in peace of mind that you data cannot be read or decrypted by anyone other than authorised personnel.

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