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Even more branding for our resellers


Even more branding for our resellers

Branding is very important

Branding is very important when you resell online backup to your own customers. For years we have been able to provide our resellers with their own portal access where they can create, modify, view accounts, send branded daily emails and most importantly, install branded client applications. But now we can offer a little bit more. We can now offer fully branded back end servers and with the addition of SSL certificates, we can host the server as backup.yourdomain.com.

People who know what they are doing

This gives the reseller everything they would have if trying to setup an online service themselves, but with the peace of mind that the server is securely in our London data centre, replicated to our second data centre in Maidenhead and maintained by people who know what they are doing

If you are looking to sell online data backup to your clients, contact us to find out what we can do for you. Call us on 0844 406 8094

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