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Difference Between Cloud Backup & Cloud Storage | Safe Data Storage Blog


There is a lot of ambiguity that users have about cloud backup and cloud storage. For many they understand that these two concepts are different. But unfortunately not many people believe that these two concepts are different both in terms of functionality and uses. Professionals’ part of a corporate enterprise dwelling in this ambiguity is not good and that is the major reason we feel the need to clear the air between these two approaches.

There is a lot of confusion regarding these two concepts in the consumer market. This lack of clarity often leads to the wrong use of cloud backup services which fail to give desired results. So make sure you are on the right track and have clarity about its definitions. Both cloud storage and cloud backup in UK are completely different. Let us highlight the broad differences for you all.

Files and Data

Cloud storage focuses on storing files and data online so that users have easy accessibility to them. This easy accessibility is possible because of the online storage space. Cloud backup deals with having a strong backup of important data and files so that information recovery becomes easy during system crash.

Reporting System

For cloud storage there is no need for status reporting to check the remote location where files are kept stored. Reporting is extremely important in cloud backup because it verifies users about the safety of their file backup.

Role of Files and Data

With the help of cloud storage you can sync files in all your devices. This allow users to actively access their data from any given device whether a smartphone or a Tablet. In case of cloud backup, files are transferred from one cloud to another to prevent any risk of system crash.

Technology Required

Cloud storage services usually need a web interface that helps to upload files easily. Implying that files and data can be encrypted only on the server. With cloud backup, client software takes the responsibility of encrypting files.

Storage System

Data is primarily stored and actively edited from time to time as per requirements that users have. Cloud backup keeps data stored only in the Cloud for the purpose of data recovery. It is important to note that primary data is still in its original location.

Clarity about these two concepts will help you know better about the solution that your business needs. These two different solutions are designed to solve business and work space related problems.

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