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Cloud Reseller? Generate cash while the cloud is booming!


Cloud computing is the flavour of the season and going by its current trend, this strategy adopted by small, medium and big business houses is not stopping any time soon. Going by the recent stats, it is expected that by 2018 the cloud computing market will cross approximately $127 billion. This indicates a huge opportunity for cloud re-sellers to make the most of this opportunity. However, they need to have the right resources as well as appropriate skills to bank upon this trend.

If you wish to be a successful cloud reseller with the sole interest to make the most of this opportunity and set the revenue bells ringing, then remember to follow these tips.

Create Lasting Connections – The concept of creating lasting relationships is primarily to gain the trust of customers. This can be done by providing them quality services in terms of comprehensive solutions. The better the solutions you offer, the happier the clients will be and will keep coming back to you for more. The only way to make sure of this is by selling effective and highly functional cloud products those can solve problems or fix issues. The other major attraction of this offer is every time clients renew their cloud subscription, it gives you the chance to assess the plan. You also have the scope to propose for better deals or upgrade the existing offers. This in turn increases your profit share.

Establish Compelling Bundles – Small business houses are relying on cloud resellers the most in order to receive comprehensive end to end solution packages. It is important for resellers to shift beyond just providing products and services to offering packages where solutions are customised. If resellers wish to taste success, then it is important for them to be adaptable to this change. This adaptability implies balancing between traditional software and hardware products along with latest technology. These packages need to be framed, keeping in mind the distinct business goals.

Cash in on the Business Continuity – Data is the basic lifeline of all business houses. Without the help of adequate data, business functions and operations will come to a standstill. This is the reason for cloud resellers to make the most of this opportunity. They bank upon this trend by offering customised solutions that come in the form of products and services. Cloud resellers have an important role to play in order to make sure that the business continuity is not disrupted.

In the era where cloud computing is ruling the roost, cloud resellers need to focus on creating long lasting relations with customers based on trust and efficiency. Establishing relationships is not enough, they also need to work out new strategies of offering solution to clients. These strategies need to be the perfect mix between traditional IT solutions along with latest cloud based technologies.

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