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cloud backup for business

Advantages of Cloud Backup For Business

Benefits of Cloud Backup For Business

There are numerous advantages to having cloud storage in a business over more traditional methods. We see no reason why you shouldn’t migrate towards the cloud and here are our top reasons to make the move.

Access Anywhere

With cloud data storage your data and files are remotely backed up. This gives you the ability to access your data from anywhere you have an internet connection. Whether you are travelling no a new location for a meeting or your team are spread across numerous geographic locations as is becoming more popular with a rise in the “work from home” culture.

Increase Data Security

If you choose to store your data with a specialist company you increase the level of security your data is held in. As these firms keep a large volume of data and rely on doing so, their security measures are likely to be far higher than yours internally.

At Safe Data Storage we have two off-site data storage centres in the UK, our primary storage facility on Orpington, London and a secondary facility in Bournemouth. We only use our own servers and your data is hosted in two UK ISO 27001 accredited data centres for extra security.

Scale up on Demand

When data is hosted internally it can be a struggle to upgrade or add additional storage. This is also often expensive and many companies will choose to delete things they think they need the least to save resources. By storing your data with us it is much easier, quicker and cheaper to scale up the level of storage to meet your requirements.

Disaster Recovery

In past days disasters such as fire and floods have wiped out years worth of records, files and valuable data. Once this has happened you are left having to start again. Not with cloud backup! Your business data is kept in off-site storage, all you have to do is restore to your last backup. This greatly limits the loss and means you can continue as normal.

This is also true for accidentally deleting files. We have all been in a situation where we deleted something we shouldn’t have by mistake. While previously this could have a huge effect on numerous people and tasks, no longer. Restore the file, or data and carry on as if it never happened.

If you have any questions about how to transfer your business to cloud storage or questions on how it will benefit you, get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to help with any queries you have.

secure data storage for business

The Perfect Way to Store Confidential Data

A friend of mine, David, has set up a startup venture at the heart of London. He recently decided to shift his company to another part of the City. While doing so, a huge chunk of confidential company data got misplaced. This data contained all valuable information regarding the company and also had important statistics for his clients. He was at a total loss.

Now, the loss of data was a result of a lack of secure storage. David had everything saved on poorly-organized external hard drives which were very easy to misplace while relocating. Now the question is why was David not careful enough when he knew how important and confidential the data was?

Manual storage of important information is prone to be misplaced, stolen or tampered with. As a company owner, one must be very careful while storing data and opt for reliable options. Now, one of the best and most secure ways of storing such data would be to save them on the cloud. While establishing his startup venture, David should have used the assistance of renowned UK cloud backup companies. Just like a stitch in time saves nine, David could have saved his important data from being misplaced by taking the wise decision of choosing secure online storage.

As a company owner, do not make the same mistake as David. Get in touch with UK cloud backup companies and save your data in the most secure way. If you are still not convinced, read through the following features of cloud backup to get a clear understanding.

Your Data in Safe Hands: By saving your data on the cloud it will no longer be subject to the usual threats of theft or damage through natural disasters. If you’re in doubts, get in touch with Safe Data Storage, one of the best data storage companies in the UK. With expert cloud storage facility, you will get a fully managed and supported service at all times. Also, your data will be fully encrypted and protected, thus, saving it from the hands of hackers.

Access at Your Own Convenience: Online backup is easily accessible from anywhere and at anytime, as long as there is strong internet connectivity. Not only this but the stored data can also be restored from anywhere as per your convenience.

Fits Your Pocket: Storing your data on the cloud is far more cost-effective than saving it on physical hard drives. With this, you will not have to calculate the costs of the tapes, hardware & software or files & documents where you will save your data. With online data backup, you get easy and secure storage at very affordable rates. Get in touch with renowned UK cloud backup companies to enjoy the benefits of storing data on the cloud.

After having read the above-mentioned features, you must have been convinced already. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Safe Data Storage and store, restore and access your data with complete ease and security.

cloud back up for schools - safe data storage

Why is Cloud Backup for Schools so Essential?

Cloud Backup for Schools

Every day, in every single sector of work, many gigabytes of data get created. While much of this becomes insignificant after a point of time, a considerable amount of data needs to be backed up, saved and managed. The importance of data backup has been realised for some time now and this has led to the rise in the popularity of cloud solutions. Today, even the educational institutions realise the importance of data back-up. Previously the IT department of a school was enough to manage data. The rest was taken care of manually by both the faculty and the students. However, the scenario has now changed and the loss of vital information leads to obstacles in the operation of an institution. Consequently, schools and colleges are now going for cloud solutions to ensure smooth and hassle-free data backup.

Cloud storage is one of the most trusted data backup services today. Research reveals that more than 800 business decision makers and users worldwide have adopted cloud. Also, it is predicted that by 2017, the public cloud services market will exceed $244 billion. In spite of such convincing statistics, many are still apprehensive about whether to go for cloud backup for schools or not. Here, know in details about how cloud services are meant to enhance the efficacy of your organisation’s daily operations.


To begin with, cloud solutions that are meant for small organisations are quite affordable. So, if you are planning to get cloud services for your school, rest assured that the costs will not exceed the budgetary limits set by the IT department. You don’t need to shell out a capital expenditure to store your data on the cloud.

24/7 Access

The best thing about online data backup is that it allows access anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to be present at the office or move around with a laptop to recover an important file. An internet connection and a computer will be all you need to recover data.

No Threats of Data Destruction

When you keep your data off-site, it is always prone to loss or destruction caused by theft or natural calamities. With the data being stored on the cloud, there is absolutely no chance of any of these. Your data will stay safe and accessible no matter what is going on at the office.

Time Saving

This is another great advantage of cloud data backup. With just a few clicks, you can save all your data and in exactly the way you want it to be saved. Maintaining stacks of files manually and segregating them under categories takes a lot of time and effort. Cloud storage makes sure that this effort goes into other essential tasks. With cloud data backup solutions for schools, operational effectiveness improves and so does the level of excellence, which is so crucial for educational institutions.

Top 10 Users Added for Resellers

You asked, so we have listened.

New top 10 stats for file backup accounts

A number of resellers requested a way to easily view there largest file cloud backup accounts, so we created a “top 10 users” page
Here it shows in a easy to view pie chart their top ten users. click on the user to take you straight to the client account to view or modify.

Next request in progress, Image Backup usage graphs.

Enhancements for our Resellers

We have a couple of new features for our resellers when they login to our portal.

User Storage

Resellers can now view users storage in an easy to read line graph to show clients usage history. This page shows total storage and also include their clients retention data.

Total Storage Data

We have also added a nice new graph to show all clients total data with a 12 month history window.

These new features will show within your portal by the end of Monday if not already visible.

More enhancements to follow shortly…..

Have an enhancement request? email support@safedatastorage.co.uk

How Can I Try And Compare Overseas Backup Providers to UK Backup Providers?

I’ve been trying to find a simple way to try and help a UK business decide between a UK Backup provider and one of those extremely cheap overseas Backup providers. I thought of maybe comparing a sports car to a family saloon or comparing a five start restaurant to a fast food restaurant, then suddenly the answer presented it to me from my dear wife last night.

So Cheap

She bought a watch from a well known online shopping site for a mere £1.78 which included delivery all the way from China. It turned up 20 days later. It worked, it kept good time and actually subject to taste, it looked pretty good. But last night she told me its stopped working; well it worked now and then. “Who should I contact” she asked, “I don’t know, try the place you bought it from” I replied. “I have, but I have to contact the seller in China” which is where the conversation ended followed by the watch being thrown into the bin.
So where am I going with this?
Well over the last few months, we have been fighting to get our pricing correct, but when up against users and possible resellers opting for backup service over seas based purely on price and not service, we can’t compete. One person said I can get 2TB for £300 per year while another states 5TB for £30 per month. Sure, there will be some hidden costs in there somewhere, along with the usual “fair usage policy” which catches loads of users out, but still far cheaper than we could ever offer. So how does this compare with the watch? Well, ask your self a couple of questions.

1. How easy is it to contact the provider when you have a problem?
2. How fast can you backup / restore from their servers?
3. Realistically, will it actually work for the amount of data you have?


At least if your data is stored in the UK, most backup providers allow you to download the data as quick as your internet speeds allow without long latency delays cutting restore speed in half.
Also, like us, some backup providers offer free seeding of the initial backup along with free restores via USB for large amounts of data. Can you imaging this from a US based company to a UK user?

To sum this up, it goes back to the old saying “You get what you pay for” In my wife’s case, a broken watch.

I’ve been running some simple tests backing up a 200GB file. Firstly to an overseas backup provider, then to our own servers. You will be shocked at the difference. I will blog this next.

SDSL Proud To Sponsor A Local Football Team

We know it’s only September but someone in the office has already started mentioning Christmas. This got us thinking about how nice it was to work with the local primary school, involving the pupils in designing decorations which the public were allowed to vote on (voting has obviously closed but the entrants can still be viewed here) – so with that in mind we wanted to give something else back to the local community.

Under 12 Lions

With the help of all of our customers, we are now very proud to have been able to sponsor one of our local football clubs, Orpington Rovers and their Under 12’s team. We supplied them them with these very lovely jackets:-

Under 12 Lions Back

How great do the Under 12’s Lions team look! A formidable team if there ever was one. We wish them all the best for the season ahead and Safe Data Storage are proud to continue the support by supplying their full kits for the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

Come on you Lions!!!!

Written by Rosey Walls 20/09/2014

Personal Information of 500,000 Students Left Unsecured

A PC hard drive containing personal information of more than 500,000 student loan recipients was left unsecured for extended periods of time by government employees and was not protected by a password or encryption.
Thankfully this wasn’t in the UK, but stories like this are far too common and unnecessary with today’s technology.

Read the full story here http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/lost-hard-drive-with-student-loan-data-lacked-password-protection-1.1744884

Selecting The Right Online Backup Company

Selecting the right Online Backup Company

5 points you should consider

Choosing the right Online Backup Company can be hard work. It’s unfamiliar to most, and yet, very necessary in today’s digital world. I’ve put together 5 points you should consider before selecting the company for your data. Obviously, I should be selling you a Safe Data Storage Online Backup account, but that’s probably not why you are reading this blog. So the aim of this blog is to help you keep your data safe and with a company that provides everything it should.

1. Monthly Backup Budget?

lots of hidden extras

For most companies this is usually the deciding factor, but be aware, there are lots of hidden extras. For example, if you want to backup more than 1 machine or even a NAS, you may have to buy an additional license which may be a one off cost or monthly charge.

2. Online Backup Resources Required?

look at what features are offered

Some large companies will offer unlimited storage for a low price, but this often comes with other restrictions. Take a look at what features are offered. Just backing up files may not be enough. If you run an Exchange server or an SQL server, do they provide agents to back them up live, going back to point 1, are there additional cost for this. A really good feature you should start looking for is the ability to backup an entire server via an Image backup. This will save you hours if not days when restoring a server

3. Level of Technical Support Required?

4 hours is a long time when you have
users on your back wanting their data

When your system goes down, are you happy to wait for an email response from support? I read an article stating that smaller companies only offer email support. I disagree with this and if you look around at some of the big players in Online Backup, you will find that email support is free and often the only thing they offer and generally will respond within 24 hours. 24 hours is a long time when you have users on your back wanting their data restored!

4. Online Backup Company Size?

you will be safe, right?

So if you sign up with a gigantic online backup provider you will be safe, right? Think again. Comcast the largest US based ISP stopped offering online backup to it’s clients as of 1st December 2013. I can see this happening to other large companies as they realize that you can’t give away unlimited storage accounts, and when they back track, they will upset their customers just like Comcast.

5. Physical Server Backup Location?

without any speed limitations

The internet can be very deceiving place. A service provider can have a great website, promise the world, but where are their servers. I have been in the online backup industry for over 10 years and in this time, I have come across companies with servers running “out the back” of an office without any replication or backup of their own. Ask the provider about the following:

What type of equipment they use
Who has access to this equipment?
The location of the storage
Do they replicate the data?
If so, where is there replication site?
Do they let you backup / restore without any speed limitations (for the life of the account, not just the initial trial / upload period) Very common!

Replication of data is so important. Just because the service provider has a failure shouldn’t mean you have to upload all your data again! From a service providers point of view, this is a must – Trust me, I have just been in a situation where we had to swap one of our backup servers from live to replication. Without our replication site, customers would have had to upload over 50TB of data again. This would be very wrong! Hardware does fail even for us! I know of 2 Huge Backup providers that don’t offer replication as standard. It’s worth asking the question!

The 4 most common mistakes by IT administrators that lead to data loss

The 4 most common mistakes by IT administrators that lead to data loss are:-

Cover point 1 correctly and you help
protect yourself against 2,3 and 4

1. Failure to backup properly

2. Failure to keep the system security up to date

3. Administrators deleting data that is still in use to help space on servers

4. Allowing users to access files that they shouldn’t have access too.

Cover point 1 correctly and you help protect yourself against 2,3 and 4