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The Importance of Cloud Data Backup & Storage

Why Do You Need Cloud Data Backup & Storage?

Cloud data storage is becoming more popular in all professional environments. As a nation, and in-fact a country we are producing more digital data than ever before. With this unparalleled growth it is unsustainable to continue to store data in tangible objects.

Many businesses, charities and educational institutions now utilise secure offsite data storage, becoming more efficient in the process. With an increased market shift to “the cloud”, there is a new wave of concern surrounding the security of data online. Online data security is even more relevant following the recent activation of the GDPR regulations. Find out more about GDPR and Cloud Data Storage.

UK-based Cloud Backup

You can sleep soundly at night, knowing your data is stored securely on our own servers. We own all our servers meaning your files, photos and data are not shared with any third parties or other businesses. Storage is split across our two data-centres located in London and also Bournemouth where your data is replicated and stored separately. Services are available for Single User Backup or Business Backup depending on the nature of your requirements.

Encrypted Data Storage

To increase the level of protection you receive, all stored data on servers is encrypted as standard. Data you backup with Safe Data Storage remains only yours and can only be accessed by you.

From the point of initial collection at your PC terminal or other device, data is covered by an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Following this, any connection between you and the server to access files and data is covered using a SSL 129-bit channel.

What this really means is that your data, what ever this may be, is converted into a randomised selection of numbers, letters and symbols. Without access to an encryption key, to unlock the data it remains useless and unreadable.

Backup & Restore

One of the most important features of cloud data storage and data recovery software is knowing you can avoid disastrous data loss. Across our servers files are stored in multiple isolated locations for prevention from complete data loss. Regardless of your industry or skill, no longer having the ability to access customer, sales and other forms of data could have a hugely detrimental impact on the service you are able to offer. Additionally, subsequent data loss from unsecured storage could pose significant ramifications under GDPR regulations.

It can be incredibly easy to delete the wrong file or press something you shouldn’t have. With fully backed up data you need not worry, your files can simply be restored within minutes – even for the less tech savvy among us. No loss, no wasted work, just peace of mind your data is in safe hands.

If you would like to receive more information about being able to backup on cloud systems and restore your commercial and sensitive data, or simply want to know the best service for your needs, get in touch with a member of our team.

Halloween data loss horror stories

Your Halloween data loss horror stories

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought it was time for scariest type of surprise there is… data loss horror stories! We asked around the internet, in forums and on social media, for your worst data losses. Here’s what we found. Lock your doors and read on…

Enough to make a grown man cry…

We all know that data losses can have just a particularly devastating effect on businesses as the amount of data involved is often much larger than with individuals’ data losses. For small, local businesses, a huge data loss can even threaten their entire business’ survival.

“Data loss was responsible for the first time I saw a grown man cry,” Twitter user Jon told us. “I was a service engineer and had to tell a small business owner that his hard drive was dead.

“He lost all his accounts data going back forever.”

Stubbornness can be costly for business – very, very costly

“I’ve seen a business owner refuse to spend any money at all on a backup solution and lose 10+ years of data,” an IT professional and tech forum moderator told us. “And I see at least one post like that a week, if not more.”

Another user on a tech forum described a ‘sphincter-tightening experience’ in which he thought he had lost years’ worth of a client’s sales data after a computer malfunction. Luckily he had a backup, and was able to restore almost all of the data, only having to manually re-enter the last few months’ worth.

Many businesses have commercially sensitive data, such as information about their customers, products, or processes, that if lost and not backed up could have devastating effects for both company and customer. A significant data loss can set a business back by several years in its development.

But it can be just as devastating for personal data 

“I had a 1TB external hard drive full of all my photos and other irreplaceable stuff and it got corrupted,” a Reddit user confessed to us. “I couldn’t recover everything so I lost all of my files.”

Your personal data can contain priceless memories that don’t exist anywhere else – meaning that without a backup, once they’re gone they’re gone forever. Is it worth taking that risk?

So, what can we learn from these horror stories? One thing is clear: ensuring you have a reliable backup of your data is absolutely essential in order to avoid risking your business’ survival or your school project. No wonder that, according to a recent survey by Advanced, a software company, four out of five business owners are considering using cloud backup data storage.

Make sure you don’t join the list of victims this Halloween…get in touch today to get your data safely backed up.

Why Educational Institutes Need Cloud Backup Solutions

It is interesting to know that students, educational institutions and faculty members feel that today education is incomplete without the use of desktops, laptops and tablets. If these gadgets are a necessity for students to perform better, then you would also need additional storage devices. These storage devices are essential to keep educational material safe in one place so that students can browse through them easily. The traditional storage devices are prone to several risks and threats; the fundamental threat being a device crash that would lead to complete loss of data. In order to stay away from these issues it is important to rely on cloud backup. This however, is an alternate option, as it is a safer zone where information can be kept carefully secured.

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Choosing the Best Professional Cloud Backup Plan for Schools

If you are running a business and are constantly worried about the safety of your company’s data, Cloud backup is the solution. It is an integrated storing system that keeps important data absolutely safe from getting lost or misplaced. Even in the various schools these days, the cloud has become an inseparable part of the administration model. It has helped in making the whole process of teaching and learning a much easier one. However, while choosing a cloud backup plan for your school, how will you know which is the best plan you can avail?

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Three Reasons Why School Data Backup Solution is a Must

Cloud Backup for Schools

Backing up and restoring the data that is generated on a day-to-day basis is essential for the education sector too. That is why, today, schools, colleges and other educational institutions are going for School data backup solutions offered by reputed service providers. However, if you have been planning to back up your school data on the cloud but have felt apprehensive about the costs and other consequences, it is time you relax. Data storage companies help you in more than one ways when it comes to ensuring the security and management of the entire data. So, why is a professional data backup solution so necessary? Read the following reasons in details.

Security Comes First

If you are successful in choosing a trusted provider, rest assured that the cloud experts will go a long way in meeting strict security compliance standards. Alongside this, they will keep conducting periodic audits to make sure that the solid infrastructure stays compliant throughout. We understand that just saying that your data will be safe on the cloud is not enough. So, how is this security established? Well, all data is encrypted before being sent to the servers maintained by the cloud data storage provider. The data is encrypted during transmission to prevent it from getting intercepted. Users create encryption passwords that they can use to decrypt the data and download it securely from the server. Since the data is not stored on any external device, there is no chance of the data being affected by natural disasters or theft.

Reliability Follows

Entrusting a good service provider with the responsibility of handling your data offers you with the much-desired peace of mind. Cloud experts make use of an automated backup process, eliminating any chances of human error whatsoever. Consequently, you no longer have to worry over the loss your data and its consequences

Future-Proof Technology

When you store your data offline, you often suffer from the problem of restricted storage space. However, purchasing additional external storage devices such as external USB hard drive is not practical in terms of security or budgeting. With cloud storage solutions, this is never a problem. The data backup solutions are usually scalable, which means that the user is not restricted to a certain amount of space. Even if you have agreed upon a particular storage space at the time of subscription, space can be increased or decreased as and when the requirements change. Additionally, multiple servers and the use of underground vaults for storing data lead to a robust infrastructure.

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, there are several reasons to go to cloud solutions. As opposed to the dominant belief, online data backup actually costs less than offline IT infrastructure. Also, the benefits in return are incomparable.

cloud back up for schools - safe data storage

Why is Cloud Backup for Schools so Essential?

Cloud Backup for Schools

Every day, in every single sector of work, many gigabytes of data get created. While much of this becomes insignificant after a point of time, a considerable amount of data needs to be backed up, saved and managed. The importance of data backup has been realised for some time now and this has led to the rise in the popularity of cloud solutions. Today, even the educational institutions realise the importance of data back-up. Previously the IT department of a school was enough to manage data. The rest was taken care of manually by both the faculty and the students. However, the scenario has now changed and the loss of vital information leads to obstacles in the operation of an institution. Consequently, schools and colleges are now going for cloud solutions to ensure smooth and hassle-free data backup.

Cloud storage is one of the most trusted data backup services today. Research reveals that more than 800 business decision makers and users worldwide have adopted cloud. Also, it is predicted that by 2017, the public cloud services market will exceed $244 billion. In spite of such convincing statistics, many are still apprehensive about whether to go for cloud backup for schools or not. Here, know in details about how cloud services are meant to enhance the efficacy of your organisation’s daily operations.


To begin with, cloud solutions that are meant for small organisations are quite affordable. So, if you are planning to get cloud services for your school, rest assured that the costs will not exceed the budgetary limits set by the IT department. You don’t need to shell out a capital expenditure to store your data on the cloud.

24/7 Access

The best thing about online data backup is that it allows access anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to be present at the office or move around with a laptop to recover an important file. An internet connection and a computer will be all you need to recover data.

No Threats of Data Destruction

When you keep your data off-site, it is always prone to loss or destruction caused by theft or natural calamities. With the data being stored on the cloud, there is absolutely no chance of any of these. Your data will stay safe and accessible no matter what is going on at the office.

Time Saving

This is another great advantage of cloud data backup. With just a few clicks, you can save all your data and in exactly the way you want it to be saved. Maintaining stacks of files manually and segregating them under categories takes a lot of time and effort. Cloud storage makes sure that this effort goes into other essential tasks. With cloud data backup solutions for schools, operational effectiveness improves and so does the level of excellence, which is so crucial for educational institutions.

Cloud Backup is a Great Option for Students: Here’s Why!

In your office, you have many important data and documents. Even the job of a teacher isn’t about just teaching and he/she has to keep a tab on a lot of data related to courses, student performances, etc. So, how many times have you tried emailing the files to yourself to keep a backup of the same? How many times have you worried about getting those important files corrupted or missing? It might happen on a regular basis, and now, with the help of cloud computing, things have become a lot easier. So, if you haven’t yet thought about incorporating cloud in your school, now is the time to do so.

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Host Your Classes on Cloud: Get Benefitted With Cloud Backups!

Technology has been a real boon for all of us. However, it also has some side effects. Although it helps us in keeping various data at one place, it also doesn’t guarantee of those data being safe! Any calamity like a fire or flood or even a few viruses can cause some serious damage to those data. So, it is important to have a strong backup. The funny thing is, here also technology comes for our rescue! With the help of cloud storage, it is now possible to store unlimited files and folders without worrying about them go missing!

Cloud storage is not only a beneficial tool for the various offices but also for several schools and colleges worldwide. They are utilising these cloud-based services for launching their courses online. So, no matter where the students are, they can use such platforms to learn and share! Also, the teachers can now conducts classes from any corner of the world!

What Teachers Said About Cloud

Let us now see some of the advantages of cloud backup for the various educational institutions:

    # As a teacher, if you wish to keep a tab on your students’ performance, you can simply log onto the device from any location. Also, there isn’t any fixed timing for viewing the registration details, class catalogues, etc. Students can even browse through the web pages and download the resources which have been provided to them by their teachers.

    # Cloud storage helps the schools to save a lot of money. There is no need for the schools to install or download any kind of software and hardware for using the cloud-based system for the classes. With the help of emailing services, the teachers can now send across the notes to the students. Here, they do not even need to get any kind of license or pay a lump sum amount to any person who will manage the in-house email server, and the cost is saved!

    # Cloud-based systems for the educational institutions are highly automated. The whole administrative work of a school or a college can be automated with the help of cloud storage. No manual intervention is required and managing tasks becomes easier than ever before!

    # Now, with the help of cloud backup for schools and colleges, the educational institutions can save more data. Computer systems are unable to store the amount of data which can be easily stored in the clouds. There is no need of installing any kind of storage device in the offices and also, the backups are provided by the service providers which lets the teachers focus solely on their core businesses!

    # Cloud backup system now enables the student to have an access over all their curricular information and data from any place in the whole world! Even if they are on leave and they suddenly need to know something important regarding their course, they can simply log onto the cloud storage and have a look at the same. Those who are connected to the network are always in touch with each other.