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Introducing our new Reseller Portal


It’s here and ready to be used!

We have taken onboard all of your feedback over the years and have worked behind the scenes to upgrade our systems for you, we’ve re-developed our backend services and added a fresh new user interface. We are proud to present a fully encompassing, quick and detailed portal where you can keep track of tasks, in real time. Immerse yourself into a world of statistics, graphs and simple yet effective additions right at your finger tips.

Concerned with speed? We understand that time is a vital asset to your business and it shouldn’t be wasted through loading pages. Find what you need, when you need it, as often as you like. We’ve ensured a tight process, creating a seamless transition and so that it drastically reduces your management time. We’ve created complete unity through our multi-tiered portal, allowing the sole administrator the ability to create a matrix of resellers for both reseller and client accounts. Each of which will gain a custom panel to service their customers or for you to service yours and all of the statistics you need will be right in front you.

Each set of statistics are neatly summarised into graphical representations for your entire client base, at a glance, you’ll be up to date with a real time status report that is there to ensure your smooth operation. We’ve provided a few video tutorials, available on our YouTube Channel in its own dedicated series. They’ll run through the key aspects of the panel and the ability to filter such statistics like, error type, successful completion and overall number of running backups. 

Unlike before, there’s a quick search function…and we mean quick! This is coupled with a significant addition of a save search function, allowing you track your recent queries and monitor your progress through a particular task. Aiding task efficiency, permitting a direct find of what you’re looking for within a matter of minutes. 


We’ve also given you the capability to directly edit the backup sets from within the portal with the exact same modification settings as you’re used to seeing on the client machines. Whether you’re on the go or simply switching between machines, you’re able to modify the set without a need to be there locally or via a streamed session. If you’d prefer a visual representation, click here

Another useful feature for keeping on top of problem backups sets through the personalisation of your own watchlist. Unsure if a particular backup set will be completed successfully? Want to provide a personalised service for a new customer? Add them to the watchlist and keep a close eye on them at a glance. The watchlist can be expanded into a more detailed list with specific reports. This can be viewed within our YouTube panel series here.

Prioritise such backup sets for each customer depending on the data importance and relevance to a successful completion. An accounts department may require a daily alert if a backup has incurred an error or become unsuccessful, as the potential loss could result in a failure to comply with relevant audits. Alternatively, certain machines might not be on and cause multiple reoccurring failures that are not to be concerned with. These priorities are expanded upon further on screen here. You now have the ability to remotely start a backup from the panel like you would from the local machine or you can create an entire backup set, selecting the specific data files and backing them up.

Finally, we’ve simplified the summary reports for those occasions where you may not have enough time to read through the attached log. It can become time consuming, so the simplified report summarises the key aspects of your larger attachment and will allow you to highlight any areas and cross reference these if necessary.

These are just a few of the many enhancements to our service, there are many more. If you’d like further information or interested in booking a remote walkthrough session with our support team, please contact us on 01689 661030 or support@safedatastorage.co.uk

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