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I am not a technician

I have been asked to write a post for our Safe Date Storage blog – I had a bit of trouble in coming up with a concept for the post, while I know that data backup and disaster recovery are import services, I am not a technician so I’m not exactly the fount of all knowledge when it comes to the ins and outs of the technical services we provide…

To be honest I’m not really sure how my train of thought lead me to my decided post subject, I think it went something along the lines of –

Disaster recovery > disaster/destruction > destroyed office > natural or unnatural disaster > unnatural >meteors > aliens > or monsters…

…Thus Godzilla-proofing was born!

Today in the Safe Data Storage I have coined a (hopefully) new phrase…Godzilla-proofing. This is, in essence, backing up your data in case a giant monster destroys your office. I was considering Zombie-proofing but to be honest no one is going to go back to work after a Zombie outbreak. We’ve all seen The Walking Dead – humanity will all be too busy running, hiding, going insane and decapitating the undead to worry about backup reports and if you left your computer on.


Anyway, my point is that a monster invasion is an “inconvenience” rather than a full blown END OF THE WORLD scenario as they usually end up being killed or dying. Think; Godzilla being killed by the Oxygen Destroyer device in the 1954 classic, Iron Man shoving a nuclear warhead into the wormhole and killing the Chitauri in The Avengers, Mars Attacks! Martian’s heads exploding to Slim Whitman’s Indian Love Call song, the Tripods in War of the Worlds becoming infected with the germs that humans have become immune to over time, the HUGE alien in Super 8 going home after the kid shouts at him…yeah.

Godzilla Cartoon

Once the major threat of the invasion of the unwanted visitor has been dealt with by whomever takes it upon themselves to save the day, the population of the town/city/county etc will all have to go back to work. And with Safe Data Storage’s Bare Metal Back Up – or as I would like to call it Godzilla-Proofing scheme – while your office and all company possessions have been destroyed – you have access to a complete copy of the hard disks in your server stored at our two datacentres. Hey presto – you’re back in business!

DISCLAIMER – While this post is light hearted the core point is serious. As we in England have seen this year, natural disasters can have a devastating effect on homes and businesses. Please make sure that all your important data is backed up.

Written by Rosey Walls 25/03/2014

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