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Immutable Backups

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Immutable Data Backups

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Immutable Backups

What is data immutability?


Immutable means that something is unable to be changed or deleted.

Immutable backup data is safe from potential changes or deletions, meaning that its original integrity stays intact. With the rise of Ransomware, having an immutable backup has become critical for recovery. This is because threat actors now routinely attack backups. With an immutable backup that data is protected from these types of attacks.

When immutable, your data is held in a cloud storage location, this storage acts like an data air gap by creating a copy or moving your backup data from your own infrastructure and placing it in an incredibly secure location. This storage is typically hosted in a private or public cloud and has a functionality called Object Lock.

By using Immutability with Object Lock, you are ensuring that the following can’t be performed:

  • Manual removal of the data
  • Removal of data by the retention policy
  • Removal of the data using any of the cloud service provider tools.
  • Removal of data by Safe Data Storage
  • Object metadata cannot be modified or deleted

Immutable backups can only be deleted once the set time period has expired.

Why do you need it?

Not a day goes by without a breach, cyber-attack, ransomware or a malware infestation being in the news, or worse, someone that you know in business or personally affected. Either way, it is not slowing down and the power of AI will increase the complexity of the attacks and, unfortunately make them more successful. A worrying time for sure.

Finding out you are infected is scary enough but imagine discovering that all of your backups are infected too? How? Well, the attackers are becoming incredibly patient and will wait months to act or will look to delete your backups before infecting your live data.

What is true cost to your business if it was to be offline? Reputationally, will your business ever recover? And what does a ransomware attack look like in financial terms? If you can pay the ransom, can you be sure that they can return your data? Many can’t or don’t and worse, you have no recourse for this. These questions may seem hypothetical but they are real and you need to protect your business.

Your perimeter security is incredibly important but is not infallible, so you need to look at other ways to protect your data.

When backup data is sent to us with immutability set, there is no way to remove or change the immutability configuration or the data. Any new backups or copies of data, can be adjusted for retention changes or retention can be turned off.  The immutable data, is locked an cannot be removed, even by Safe Data Storage.

Top reasons to use Immutable Storage for your backup data

It is the safest location for your data

The data cannot be changed or updated

The data is locked and cannot be deleted or removed

Having a data air gap protects your business

The data cannot be infected by Malware or Ransomeware

The data can still be restored quickly

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To address concerns, we offer a free, no-obligation trial—to test our services and experience security firsthand.

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