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What is Data Recovery Software and why do you need it?


While the world becomes increasingly computer literate with every day that goes by and equipment becoming ever more sophisticated, it is still all too easy to accidentally delete valuable files and lose them forever.

Many email and basic free online storage services provided by the tech conglomerate giants, only offer 30-day data recovery periods. So if you do not quickly realise that data has been wrongly deleted, it will be too late, leaving you in a potentially very damaging position.

It can be very easy to delete a file without knowing simply by clicking the wrong button – if the data was accidentally deleted, there’s a good chance you won’t even notice it has been deleted for weeks or months.

For many businesses, schools and charities, losing files could be disastrous as they may contain commercially sensitive data or personal information about vulnerable people. Of course, for businesses particularly data losses may be financially costly, be it due to a loss of trust from customers or from losing commercially valuable information. It goes without saying, then, that the prospect of losing vital files forever is highly stressful.

While we all know we should be regularly backing up our files as a failsafe in this kind of situation, many people never get round to it.

In some cases your computer’s recycle bin may come to the rescue. However, if your PC is close to capacity and needs to free up space for newer files, it may well have made it impossible for you to recover the file without professional intervention. And the chances are that for most businesses and schools, the large amount of files you need access to means that your PCs will be pretty much always at capacity.

Professional data recovery software such as that provided by Safe Data Storage allows files to be brought back from the grave, so to speak. While deleted or corrupted files may no longer be accessible to regular users, specialist software allows remnants of the code relating to the files to be located and restored.

This can be a lifesaver for businesses, schools and charities and also provides complete piece of mind, giving you the reassurance that even should the worst happen you have a system in place to restore deleted files.

If you require data recovery software or are interested in learning more, contact us today.

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