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Online Backup Service Providers: How are Some Better than Others?


The concept of online storage and backup

Since the last few years, cloud storage has emerged as the best IT solution for storing and backup of data. A number of renowned organizations have introduced this to their infrastructure and are enjoying the benefits of it. There are three basic criteria of cloud or online storage and backup.

  • It has to be within a network (connected to Internet)
  • The place for storage should be scalable sans downtime
  • The storage pool should be easy to manage at the time of scaling

This is basically a SaaS (Software as a Service) extension which has received much popularity of late.

If you aren’t careful, be ready to face the music:

While the concept of online backup and cloud storage has become popular, there are still some companies which aren’t adapting to it. According to a recent survey, one thirds of PCs of the world don’t have a backup. Thus, not all follow the rules of safe computing. Some of them have data protecting software or services, though these are effective to some extent. Thus they are constantly under the threat of data loss. And once they have lost it, it is lost forever. The brighter side of this is, some of them have started to realize the importance of cloud storage.

It is a lot safer to avail online storage and backup for your data:

Online backup has become a popular solution to a lot of businesses. It is more effective than the concept of storing data in an external server. The data is safe and secured with online backup services provided in different parts of UK. Post setup, there is no need for additional hardware and the system is capable of taking care of everything. This applies to when the PC is idle.

Online cloud backup services are better alternatives to the local storage and backup. Organizations find it easier than the idea of storing on a hard drive. There are a number of companies in the UK, that provide with this service. It includes a lot of features apart from restoring the files to a host PC. This isn’t only a storage facility option, but it is also about the performance, architecture and scaling. This is where you can have the standard hardware added from a preferred source.

Some of the tools that provide online backup have an interface with the key up the front. It tells about the previous backup and if any files still need to be sent. There are buttons for backup as well along with changing settings and restoring data.

There is a special feature called a speedometer (for uploading). It reveals the speed of the data when it was moved at the time of last backup. You can find a stolen or lost PC, knowing its location if it has an internet connection.

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