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Generate Revenue by Capitalising On the Fast Growing Cloud Computing


As re-seller you can take the best advantage of cloud computing and make the provision of earning a recurring revenue. Buy it from a provider and resell online data backup solutions and server disaster recovery solutions to your customer base keeping your profit margin. Being a cloud re-seller you will be enabled to offer cloud backup services to your clients and what more, you do not have to make large capital expenditure related to building and maintaining an infrastructure of your own. The growth in cloud computing offers you the opportunity to earn recurring revenue as a re-seller. Being a part of the programme you will be able to provide cloud services to you clients and that to without incurring any added cost of developing your own intensive infrastructure.

Working as a cloud reseller with us at Safe Data Storage, you and your clients both will be benefited immensely as it will let you automate all mundane tasks so that you can be in peace of mind regarding the data backup issue. Apart from generating recurring revenue for you, it will strengthen your bond with your clients. You do not have any financial targets or outlay to achieve. If you are into reselling IT products and services, then you are in a better position to work as a cloud reseller. It is a fact that many companies understand the benefits of switching over to online backup and they are taking the steps accordingly. But a large number of small and medium sized companies are still there who are still sticking to the poor and unconstructed backup methodology. As a reseller you have a great potential to focus on this customer segment and provide these clients with cloud backup solution – the more secure, more efficient and more reliable online backup. Cloud industry is growing rapidly and it’s ideal time to make profits and get benefits by working as a cloud reseller.

As you work with Safe Data Storage, you will be provided with our infrastructure and technical expertise. Not only earning recurring revenue, but you will be highly benefited in retaining your customers and winning their confidence. We are a UK company and our services are white labelled. Working with us you do not have to worry about your brand, you are free to customise to convey your brand. Moreover, you have the choice of invoicing your client at your own price. As we do not provide any other services, you can be assured that you will never lose your hardware/software sales. As long as your clients use the online data backup service, you will continue earning recurring revenue. For every business today, a secure, reliable and dependable daily data backup is essential and it is going to be added as an important service to portfolio and help significantly to retain your clients.

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