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Air pollution


So with the weather improving and the longer lighter evenings, many of us, including myself, might be thinking of going for a short run or maybe walking home from work rather than catching a bus.   It’s hard enough to motivate yourself, so when I heard on the news today that we are being advised not to do any exercise today, well, the decision was simple!  I will now be enjoying a glass of wine at home, while working out how to eat my 7 fruit and veg a day.

How can I possibly link this story to our online backup services. Well I found a way. We are currently replacing a number of our older servers with servers “designed for the data centre and built for the planet” A claim HP make. These new servers use up to 89% less energy.

Read the full Air Pollution here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-26844425

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