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2 Major Types of Data Storage with Pros and Cons


One of the growing needs in the corporate environment is to have better, advanced and improved data storage provision. Going by the progression in the field of technology, there are several data storage types those have been introduced to serve different purposes. Let us take a look at the different data storage types that people use on a regular basis. We will also check out the pros and cons that the storage types have.

Local Storage Options

External Hard Dive – Hard drives are similar to the ones those are installed within the laptop or the desktop. The difference that they have is, they can be separated from the machine and stored separately. The available sizes are:

Desktop External Hard Drive – it uses a 3.5 inch hard drive and is similar to the ones used in desktop computers.

Portable External Hard Drive – it uses a 2.5 inch hard drive and is similar to the ones used in laptops.

The desktop external hard drives are a lot more cost effective than the portable external hard drives. The former is a lot faster and robust in nature.

Capacity – 160GB to 3TB and that is approximately 3000GB

Connection – The common route to connect to the computer is through the USB 2.0 or even a USB 3.0 connection.


  • It is one of the best options in case of local backups even for a large amount of data.
  • It is a very cost effective way of saving data but needs to be handled with care.


It is extremely delicate and gets damaged if dropped accidentally or via electrical surge.

Remote Storage Options

Cloud Storage – Cloud storage is one of the most convenient and safest ways to store data on commercial data centre and is accessible through any computer that has Internet access. This sort of data storage is provided by a service provider.


This one of the most convenient offsite backup. This sort of a backup does not get affected by any sort of damage or theft. That is the major reason why a growing number of people are focusing on this sort of data storage.


  • This form of data storage in spite of being so safe is extremely expensive when compared to the traditional hard drives. Due to its high price, it requires an ongoing subscription.
  • This form of data storage cannot be accessed without the Internet.
  • This sort of backup is comparatively slower than the other forms of local backups.

These are the 2 most commonly used backup systems that professionals use in large corporate houses in order to effectively keep their data secure and safe.

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