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Cloud Data Backup for Estate Agents

Safeguarding Your Data with Safe Data Storage

Cloud Data Backup for Estate Agents

Safeguarding Your Data with Safe Data Storage

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Ensuring Security Every Step of the Way

In an era where data fuels businesses, robust cloud backup is crucial, especially for vital institutions like Estate Agents. Safe Data Storage, a leader in cloud backup since 2004, serves as a trusted partner, delivering secure and reliable solutions tailored to Estate Agency needs.

Amidst the dynamic real estate landscape, with data sensitivity as a top priority, Safe Data Storage sets itself apart with an unwavering commitment to security.

data backup for estate agents

What Sets Safe Data Storage Apart?

With over 15 years of expertise, Safe Data Storage provides a fully managed, professional, and secure UK-based online backup service. Established in 2004, our extensive experience ensures top-notch data storage services and support.

Safe Data Storage harnesses cloud power to secure your data. Scalable options and flexible plans cater to estate agency needs, ensuring seamless data management. With ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accreditations, we offer peace of mind, letting you focus on core objectives.

Backup and Recovery Suite

Access a comprehensive set of tools designed for robust data protection, fully customisable and user-friendly.

Cutting-Edge Encryption

Prioritize data security with our backup products employing 256-bit encryption, ensuring secure transmission to our UK-based private cloud. Your operating system data remains inviolable.

Multi-destination Backup

Optimise data accessibility with on-site storage for quick retrieval and secure disaster recovery in our private UK cloud. Off-site data replication occurs between our two ISO 27001-certified UK data centers.

Adaptable Retention Policies

Tailor retention policies based on daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly parameters, aligning with your IT audit and compliance requirements.

Point-in-Time Restore

Benefit from point-in-time restore functionality, enabling you to revert to a previous operating system state, meeting Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

Swift Restoration

Employ In-File Delta speed acceleration technology, backing up only altered blocks for speedy and seamless recovery.

In-File Delta Acceleration

Enhance efficiency with In-File Delta acceleration technology, ensuring only changed data blocks are backed up, leading to faster backup and restoration processes.

Unlimited UK Support

Enjoy unlimited UK support directly from our technical team, covering initial installation, backup maintenance, and more. Accessible through phone, remote support, and an extensive Knowledge Base.


What our Customers say


“Had to comment on their technical support. The guy really knew what he was talking about. Great service too!”


“Excellent support. Very helpful, patient, and quick to respond, which is essential. It’s refreshing to deal with such excellent support staff. As a new customer, the experience has been superb. Software and backup intuitive, and straightforward. Highly recommended.”


“Friendly service, knowledgeable team and great product. I have and will continue to recommend these guys for their reliable and trusted backup service!”

Building Trust in Estate Agency Data

For estate agents, the stakes are high—data breaches can be catastrophic. Our advanced encryption and ISO 27001-accredited data centres create an impenetrable fortress for your business data.

Established in 2004, Safe Data Storage, a UK-based company, pioneers cloud backup. Our partnerships with Ahsay and StorageCraft, plus ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accreditations, underscore our commitment to quality and security.

cloud backup for estate agents

Cloud Data Backup for Estate Agents​ FAQs

Why do estate agents need cloud data backup services?

Estate agents deal with sensitive property and client information. Cloud data backup ensures the secure storage and protection of crucial data, offering disaster recovery solutions and compliance with data protection standards.

How does cloud data backup benefit estate agents in terms of data security?

Cloud data backup for estate agents includes advanced encryption, secure UK-based servers, and multi-destination backup strategies. These measures collectively provide a secure environment for storing and retrieving critical real estate data.

Can estate agents customise data retention policies with cloud backup services?

Yes, cloud data backup services for estate agents often offer flexible retention policies, allowing customization on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. This flexibility ensures alignment with industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements.

What distinguishes Safe Data Storage as a provider for estate agents?

Safe Data Storage stands out with over 15 years of experience, delivering a fully managed, professional, and secure UK-based online backup service. The commitment to security, industry partnerships, and relevant accreditations make it a reliable choice for estate agents.

How does cloud backup support estate agents in quick data recovery?

Cloud data backup includes features like Point-in-Time Restore and In-File Delta Acceleration technology. These facilitate quick and efficient data recovery, allowing estate agents to meet specific Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and minimize downtime in case of data loss.

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To address concerns, we offer a free, no-obligation trial—to test our services and experience security firsthand.

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