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Advantages of Cloud Backup For Business

Benefits of Cloud Backup For Business

There are numerous advantages to having cloud storage in a business over more traditional methods. We see no reason why you shouldn’t migrate towards the cloud and here are our top reasons to make the move.

Access Anywhere

With cloud data storage your data and files are remotely backed up. This gives you the ability to access your data from anywhere you have an internet connection. Whether you are travelling no a new location for a meeting or your team are spread across numerous geographic locations as is becoming more popular with a rise in the “work from home” culture.

Increase Data Security

If you choose to store your data with a specialist company you increase the level of security your data is held in. As these firms keep a large volume of data and rely on doing so, their security measures are likely to be far higher than yours internally.

At Safe Data Storage we have two off-site data storage centres in the UK, our primary storage facility on Orpington, London and a secondary facility in Bournemouth. We only use our own servers and your data is hosted in two UK ISO 27001 accredited data centres for extra security.

Scale up on Demand

When data is hosted internally it can be a struggle to upgrade or add additional storage. This is also often expensive and many companies will choose to delete things they think they need the least to save resources. By storing your data with us it is much easier, quicker and cheaper to scale up the level of storage to meet your requirements.

Disaster Recovery

In past days disasters such as fire and floods have wiped out years worth of records, files and valuable data. Once this has happened you are left having to start again. Not with cloud backup! Your business data is kept in off-site storage, all you have to do is restore to your last backup. This greatly limits the loss and means you can continue as normal.

This is also true for accidentally deleting files. We have all been in a situation where we deleted something we shouldn’t have by mistake. While previously this could have a huge effect on numerous people and tasks, no longer. Restore the file, or data and carry on as if it never happened.

If you have any questions about how to transfer your business to cloud storage or questions on how it will benefit you, get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to help with any queries you have.

GDPR data storage

What is GDPR and how could it affect your business?

How Does GDPR Affect Us?

It’s been described as ‘Data D-Day’ and has business owners and industry experts alike panicking as confusion reigns. But what is GDPR and how could it affect your business?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and refers to new laws about how data is stored that will come into effect in May 2018, replacing the 1998 Data Protection Act. This looming deadline is causing huge consternation in the data industry, with its impact unknown at this stage.

Part of the reason for the uncertainty around GDPR’s introduction is due to the UK’s impending exit from the European Union. This means that there is doubt as to whether data stored in EU countries (as opposed to the UK) will meet the data sovereignty regulations that will come into force under Brexit.

The GDPR not only applies to all organisations located within the EU, but it will also apply to organisations located outside the EU if they offer goods or services to EU data subjects – meaning many businesses will still need to remain compliant to the new GDPR laws. This is important as many organisations do not realise they will be affected by the regulations from selling their goods and services to EU Citizens. After Brexit EU countries may have different local laws about data storage than the UK – this will create legal confusion once Brexit has been completed.

The consensus among industry experts seems to be that, due to this legal grey area, the best option for British businesses is to store their data with UK-based companies offering secure cloud backup solutions in order to avoid falling foul of GDPR’s local data storage laws.

Mark Hohenberg of Hosting Techniques Limited recently gave a good summary of the situation when he told Prodec, “The safest thing for businesses that have data stored on the continent is to simply migrate it to UK-based data centres that are owned or managed by UK-based companies.

Here at Safe Data Storage, all data is stored in the UK. Our main server is located in London, with all data replicated to another server in Bournemouth; therefore you can be safe in the knowledge that your data never leaves the country. Both of our data centres are ISO 27001-accredited.

In addition, we are taking a number of steps in preparation of GDPR’s introduction In order to ensure we are fully GDPR compliant. For example, we have appointed a Privacy Officer to work alongside employees and clients. You can read more about our GDPR preparation here.

For businesses considering data storage options, the priority should be finding a company providing UK-based, GDPR-compliant cloud backup. Remove the risk and confusion of storing your data in another country post-Brexit and see how we can keep your data safe today with secure storage.

If you have any questions about GDPR or would like help with finding the best data storage solution for your business, contact us today.



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The Perfect Way to Store Confidential Data

A friend of mine, David, has set up a startup venture at the heart of London. He recently decided to shift his company to another part of the City. While doing so, a huge chunk of confidential company data got misplaced. This data contained all valuable information regarding the company and also had important statistics for his clients. He was at a total loss.

Now, the loss of data was a result of a lack of secure storage. David had everything saved on poorly-organized external hard drives which were very easy to misplace while relocating. Now the question is why was David not careful enough when he knew how important and confidential the data was?

Manual storage of important information is prone to be misplaced, stolen or tampered with. As a company owner, one must be very careful while storing data and opt for reliable options. Now, one of the best and most secure ways of storing such data would be to save them on the cloud. While establishing his startup venture, David should have used the assistance of renowned UK cloud backup companies. Just like a stitch in time saves nine, David could have saved his important data from being misplaced by taking the wise decision of choosing secure online storage.

As a company owner, do not make the same mistake as David. Get in touch with UK cloud backup companies and save your data in the most secure way. If you are still not convinced, read through the following features of cloud backup to get a clear understanding.

Your Data in Safe Hands: By saving your data on the cloud it will no longer be subject to the usual threats of theft or damage through natural disasters. If you’re in doubts, get in touch with Safe Data Storage, one of the best data storage companies in the UK. With expert cloud storage facility, you will get a fully managed and supported service at all times. Also, your data will be fully encrypted and protected, thus, saving it from the hands of hackers.

Access at Your Own Convenience: Online backup is easily accessible from anywhere and at anytime, as long as there is strong internet connectivity. Not only this but the stored data can also be restored from anywhere as per your convenience.

Fits Your Pocket: Storing your data on the cloud is far more cost-effective than saving it on physical hard drives. With this, you will not have to calculate the costs of the tapes, hardware & software or files & documents where you will save your data. With online data backup, you get easy and secure storage at very affordable rates. Get in touch with renowned UK cloud backup companies to enjoy the benefits of storing data on the cloud.

After having read the above-mentioned features, you must have been convinced already. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Safe Data Storage and store, restore and access your data with complete ease and security.

Replication site now migrated to Bournemouth

We are proud to announce that we have completed the migration of our replication site from Maidenhead to Bournemouth data centre over the weekend.

This move has helped future proof our replication site for a number of reasons which include:-

• Increased power per rack
• Additional Racks
• Hands on technicians
• Avoiding possible disruption with various upgrades at Maidenhead

With a 3ms latency, our 1 Gb interconnect between our primary data centre “City Reach” located in Docklands can replicate with ease to our the new Bournemouth replication site.


Migration completed 06/06/2015



Engineers Achieve SCE certifications

Storage Craft MSP Partner

Safe Data Storage is proud to announce that two of our engineers have successfully reached StorageCraft Certified Engineer (SCE) Status after passing their exams last week.

This enhances our ability to design and implement a disaster recovery solution based on StorageCraft products and technologies.


As Gold Partners of StorageCraft, it’s vital we have the technical expertise to help our customers achieve their Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)

It’s not just about backing up data, it’s about Planning, Protecting, Managing and Restoring your systems in the event of a disaster.
For more information on how we can help, please contact us support@safedatastorage.co.uk

How Can I Try And Compare Overseas Backup Providers to UK Backup Providers?

I’ve been trying to find a simple way to try and help a UK business decide between a UK Backup provider and one of those extremely cheap overseas Backup providers. I thought of maybe comparing a sports car to a family saloon or comparing a five start restaurant to a fast food restaurant, then suddenly the answer presented it to me from my dear wife last night.

So Cheap

She bought a watch from a well known online shopping site for a mere £1.78 which included delivery all the way from China. It turned up 20 days later. It worked, it kept good time and actually subject to taste, it looked pretty good. But last night she told me its stopped working; well it worked now and then. “Who should I contact” she asked, “I don’t know, try the place you bought it from” I replied. “I have, but I have to contact the seller in China” which is where the conversation ended followed by the watch being thrown into the bin.
So where am I going with this?
Well over the last few months, we have been fighting to get our pricing correct, but when up against users and possible resellers opting for backup service over seas based purely on price and not service, we can’t compete. One person said I can get 2TB for £300 per year while another states 5TB for £30 per month. Sure, there will be some hidden costs in there somewhere, along with the usual “fair usage policy” which catches loads of users out, but still far cheaper than we could ever offer. So how does this compare with the watch? Well, ask your self a couple of questions.

1. How easy is it to contact the provider when you have a problem?
2. How fast can you backup / restore from their servers?
3. Realistically, will it actually work for the amount of data you have?


At least if your data is stored in the UK, most backup providers allow you to download the data as quick as your internet speeds allow without long latency delays cutting restore speed in half.
Also, like us, some backup providers offer free seeding of the initial backup along with free restores via USB for large amounts of data. Can you imaging this from a US based company to a UK user?

To sum this up, it goes back to the old saying “You get what you pay for” In my wife’s case, a broken watch.

I’ve been running some simple tests backing up a 200GB file. Firstly to an overseas backup provider, then to our own servers. You will be shocked at the difference. I will blog this next.

Potentially Malicious Emails

In a previous post about internet security and potentially malicious emails, I described what to look out for in terms of emails might contain a virus like Zeus. Now I can show you what to look out for after one landed in my ‘Junk’ box –


1. As I said, luckily this email ended in my ‘Junk’ folder, but that is not always the case. Yes, it might be a genuine email but considering points 2 and 3…I think not.

2. The name ‘Frieda Barker’ means absolutely nothing to me, and the email address it came from – wiszbbcoi @ theteedgroup . com – seems suspicious, especially considering the name. A quick Google tells me that The Teed Group is in fact a real company, but they sell water front property in Connecticut which, let’s be honest, is not something I can fiscally even consider investing in. In 50+ years maybe…

3. Invoice is spelt wrong and the invoice number means nothing to me. Be warned, sometimes you’ll receive an email from an address that seems legit and that you order from a lot but the invoice number will not correlate with any that you have been issued.

4. This symbol means the email has an attachment; it is in this attachment where the Trojan is that will download the virus/viruses onto your PC.

Suffice to say this email has now been deleted.

Please, be safe online and don’t open any email or attachment unless sure it is genuine.

If you believe you have lost money due to malware you can report your loss to Action Fraud at www.actionfraud.police.uk or call 0300 123 2040.

Written by Rosey Walls 16/06/2014

GOZeuS, Are You Ready?


We have all received dodgy, suspicious emails, and they keep getting harder and harder to spot – I mean it’s not like they come from fraud@iwantyourmoney.co.uk or openme@virus.com.

Nowadays these emails come from addresses pretending to be your bank, huge organisations or Government Bodies.  These can be spotted usually by looking at the subject line (for order numbers that are incorrect or notification of a tax rebate) or the address it was sent from being incorrect or unfamiliar to the normal ones used.

Zeus was not the
nice God Disney would have you believe

However, sometimes malignant emails come from contacts we have in our address books. This week the NCA (National Crime Agency) issued a warning that we have a little under two weeks to protect our computers, and ourselves, against two powerful pieces of software; CryptoLocker and – the aptly named – GOZeuS (Zeus was not the nice God Disney would have you believe, just ask Prometheus). So far these two viruses have fraudulently transferred millions of pounds into the accounts of cyber criminals. Once these viruses infect your computer (via a Trojan link or attachment in an email you open) it can send emails containing the Trojan links to all of your contacts (infecting more computers) and monitor everything you do – some reports have even suggest they can gain control of your webcam…

ransoming your data for
anywhere between £200 to £300

Once infected, your PC will be joined onto a network of other infected PCs known as a BotNet where your activity is monitored. What makes these viruses so profitable to the criminals is that they work together. If GOZeuS is unable to find information on your PC that will make a good enough profit, the CryptoLocker will take over. CryptoLocker works by encrypting and locking your files without your knowing, until you get a popup that is essentially ransoming your data for anywhere between £200 to £300 – what do you think the chances are that your files will actually be unlocked if you pay up? Exactly.

To keep yourself and your data safe please take the following precautions – make sure your security software is installed on all of your PCs and fully updated, run scans on your PC and check your operating systems and applications are all up to date and that you have an effective backup system in place with a good retention period.

warning signs to look out for

Some warning signs to look out for include; your operating system running very slowly, unauthorised logins to accounts or unauthorised money transfers and your curser moving around erratically with no input from yourself. It has been suggested that over 15,500 computers in the UK are currently infected so the sooner you address your security systems, the better.

However, if your PC has already been infected with CryptoLocker and GOZeuS it is too late, this is when a good retention period on the backup system you have in place will come in handy. If you have to buy new PCs etc, you will be able to restore all of the information you have backed up to before your PC was infected.

If you believe you have lost money due to malware you can report your loss to Action Fraud at www.actionfraud.police.uk or call 0300 123 2040.

Potentially Malicious Emails 5/6/2014