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The importance of cloud backup for educational institutions

The cloud has changed the way in which we carry out many everyday IT tasks, and nowhere is that truer than in the world of performing backups. The cloud offers greater convenience, easier access to saved data, better security and no need to worry about cycling storage media.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the adoption of cloud-based backup has soared across all sectors of industry. It makes the task easier whilst also helping to keep costs down. The education sector in particular, both in schools and in higher education institutions, has been quick to see the benefits of backing up to the cloud

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Comcast close down their Secure backup and & Share Service

Comcast “Secure backup and & Share” closes down

impossible to have an unlimited
data plan and not lose money

Comcast, the largest high-speed internet provider in the U.S. closed down its “Secure backup and & Share” service as of the 1st December 2013 and deletes all customer data. This was due to them limiting customers to 50GB from their original unlimited plan for just $4.99 per month. They say this is because in the world we live in it is impossible to have an unlimited data plan and not lose money. This upset customers and in the end, instead of leaving the service open, they decided to shut the service down.

I’m sure this will not be the only online backup company who will realizes that you just can’t give away unlimited storage, especially in our ever growing digital world.