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The importance of cloud backup for educational institutions

The cloud has changed the way in which we carry out many everyday IT tasks, and nowhere is that truer than in the world of performing backups. The cloud offers greater convenience, easier access to saved data, better security and no need to worry about cycling storage media.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the adoption of cloud-based backup has soared across all sectors of industry. It makes the task easier whilst also helping to keep costs down. The education sector in particular, both in schools and in higher education institutions, has been quick to see the benefits of backing up to the cloud

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A Local Kent Primary school needed a backup solution for all their laptops after one was stolen and all the teachers’ data was lost.  A bit like bolting the stable door, but never the less they needed a solution that they could rely on and could monitor from one central location to make sure all laptops were being backed up.

The solution was simple, an Online Backup client that automatically runs backups, but was clever enough to know when it had missed a backup and would send missing data once the laptop was back online.

We helped the school to implement this and now the school login to our portal to view all of their laptop backups and account status in one area.

Does your school or office require a cloud backup system that can be monitored centrally?  Let us know if we can put a solution together for you.