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World Backup Day


World Backup Day!

Monday 31st March is known
in the industry as World Backup Day

Monday 31st March is known in the industry as World Backup Day. Started in 2011 by some reddit users and supported by SpiderOak Inc. It has established itself more and more each year as a vehicle to spread awareness about the importance of data backup, and the different facilities and companies out there offering an array of services.

We live in a world where our business and personal interactions are, more often than not – virtual. We can send emails and documents from England to Hong Kong at 2am and it will be instantly received. We can view our own photographs of family holidays to the Amazon Rainforest from the comfort of our own front room. We can amass THE best music collection so we have a song for every situation that arises. Really, the things we are able to do in our lives thanks to technological advances are amazing. Yet still countless people and businesses don’t have a backup service or a disaster recovery system in place.

That is what Monday 31st March is about; to help spread the word about the importance of instigating and maintaining a suitable backup solution for your needs, as it’s only when something goes wrong that you realise your system is either not working properly or that you don’t have one in place at all.

Why not celebrate World Backup Day by creating a free trial and start protecting the data that is so important to you.

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